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Removing the ties that bind in TRUTH

We are asked at this time to remove the internal bindings that prevent our expansion beyond phase one. These bindings are not seen by the naked human eyes nor accepted very readily by the human logical mind as the outer waking reality is such a dense illusion that we fall to very very easily. It is our human logical mind that tells us that something is other than it is in TRUTH. It is our naked human eyes that see only that which has reference points and all has sought to contain and suppress us as we move thru this our human life experience in TRUTH.

We are never more blind when it comes to the bindings that seek to keep us in place and remember we have been in "place" for forever. We have never moved out with the bandwidths that this dimensional space accept. It is not enough to somehow resonate with that which lies beyond our comprehension, we have to physically align with Wider Creation in TRUTH, if not we are simply immersed in further illusion and we then sit down because we believe that we have walked somewhere that we have not.

This phase of the ascension to full evolution process is overseen by Wider Creation in TRUTH very personally. We may feel that we are somehow prevented from expansion but cannot see it. We will feel contained and feeling contained is not safety, it can appear and manifest as a "safety net" but it is not keeping us safe, it is keeping those around us safe from Wider Creation in TRUTH frequency.

It has long been prophesied that humanity will seek to defend that which controls and contains it and this is TRUTH. We are so deluded thru the constant repetitive conditioning that we will seek to protect that which contains us believing that we are somehow safer in its presence. Nothing is further from TRUTH, humanity at this time are attempting to demand certain things remain whilst other things are removed and this is not TRUTH. TRUTH JUST IS.

EVERYTHING that exists in the dimensional space referenced as "earth" is not TRUTH. Conspiracy theories exist because of this demand, much like a child that is trying to barter with the parent/adult about bedtime being at a certain time and wanting to hold out for the compromise. Wider Creation in TRUTH DOES NOT COMPROMISE. It is TRUTH therefore TRUTH stands firm. We cannot therefore hand over half a frequency, half a binding or remain in partial hiding. We stand firm for only in TRUTH can we actually stand at all.

At this time there is a war that is raging between the heart and the head and the head will demand it is listened to. The head is not our friend, it only knows and sees what it is presented, it knows nothing else. We would not expect a tour guide for a part of the world to do their job properly if they have never actually left the office they work in. yet many within humanity are deferring to those who have "knowledge", this is the danger zone that many are living within.

Knowing is not understanding, we can only ever fully understand TRUTH as we experience it and to experience it we must walk further than our eyes and our minds will allow us to walk.

For further support and guidance as we are now pushed thru the eye of the needle please visit the main TRUTH Codes website and the Orion Portal website. We do not require humanity to wake up for they sleep the sleep of the dead. We do however need to rise from our slumber, our blindness and the lower dimensional frequency that keeps insisting there is nothing beyond this dimensional space. To meet TRUTH head on and surrender to it fully within our heart space.




(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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