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Removing the VEIL in TRUTH

We are all born into this dimensional reality which is called the human life experience veiled to TRUTH.  It is not possible to be born awake as it were because that is not the purpose of being born into this dimensional reality.  We have been enslaved forever within a system that is hidden to many within humanity. The unseen forces are removed from our frequency spectrum in order all that we see through our human eyes are that which we are permitted to see. Even those who would term themselves awake still do not see, they can perceive and they can understand that something is not right but when they look out onto the world they still see a very human occupation of said world.

The human form is a shell that is worn by all dimensional entities that exist within this dimensional space.  So much emphasis is placed on the human form that it is challenging to move beyond what a human being looks like.  We are conditioned to label, to reference and to accept and reject various versions of the human form repeatedly from the moment that we take our first breath in the vehicle that we incarnate into.

The removal of the veils is prophecy that is occurring at this time, many are still under the illusion that humanity are somehow ruled by a set of humans who have chosen corruption and power over their heart space and this is where the illusion remains.  To view those around us as simply human is the illusion itself. Those who are safeguarding this dimensional space are not human, they are not defined by the very limiting laws of non creation that are adhered to by the human soul when incarnated into a human vehicle. They work outside of this because they do not have a human soul. The human soul itself is the sheath that protects humanity from that which it walks within.  It protects the human mind from the damage that would ensue should a human vehicle enter the world with no human soul.

Remember nature abhors a vacuum.  A human vehicle NEVER REMAINS EMPTY.  So for those who are going on mind bending adventures and chose to vacate their human vehicle even for a short period of time, please understand that this allows access to your human vehicle.  The same applies to those who use alcohol to extremes, many within humanity are now awakening to the whole "spirits are called spirits because" and whilst this is encouraging it is not even the beginning of the removal of the veils that are in place.

Many are fighting the "big pharma" but are coming again from the very human point of view that nature is better than synthetic and then holding on to the very human viewpoint that synthetic and pharma are all about money.  This is not TRUTH, they are about POSSESSION. The synthetic chemicals that modern drugs are made from are alien to the human physical vehicle and create a further veil that separates the human soul from the human physical vehicle, it is in this space that POSSESSION begins and is kept there through the addictive effects of pharmaceuticals.

Many within humanity bandy about the word "zombie", again the false teachings point humanity towards children who are zoning out on technology, but what is a zombie?  it is someone who is detached from their heart space and their humanity, it is an EMPTY HUMAN VEHICLE which will still appear human but will be devoid of that which makes a human being a human being.

The greatest illusion of all is that we share this dimensional space with 7 billion other waking living human beings.  It is easy for an entity to take human form and even easier now when the focus is placed on the detachment that humanity are growing from each other.  This is the entire point of the conditioning, how much easier to walk among humanity when you dont actually have to pretend to even have emotions. It is just put down to technology and people being asleep........


and those who demand that the world wake up and listen have no idea what they are talking with and talking to.  They want you to believe in the big deception because as it begins to build and then more deception is put out and people then run with it it allows more of them to take human form

Ephesians 6:12 (KJV) 

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

For those who THINK that 5g cell towers are the threat to humanity perhaps look a bit closer to home, the threat has lived among us forever, it is not bound to human linear time and now they come in their droves as prophecy.

The threat to our own humanity is stepping out of the heart space for whilst we are in our heart space we can FEEL, we can FEEL the frequency of those around us, when we are trapped in our mind we THINK, and THINKING does not allow vibration to be felt, THEY KNOW THIS and is why they focus on it so vehemently.

For those who have ever watched THEY LIVE perhaps revisit it again....... that was a hint a very long time ago, perhaps more than 30 years ago and it was laughed at,  people will often reject that which is simple, that which is so incredulously in their face and adopt the complex because that is how we have been conditioned.

No amount of thinking can solve that which does not require to be solved. Its not about control so much as possession and they have already begun, preparing the human physical vehicle for possession is easy when a population does not believe in them and believes that knowledge will somehow save them.

What THEY have forgotten is that THEY are not the only ones who have entered humanity and can see them. The war that is spiritual continues only when we surrender our already won VICTORY which we came here to enforce in order that those who are caught in this spiritual war no longer have to endure pain, suffering and separation. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE IS THE ANSWER , NO MATTER THE QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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