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We are beholden to the human eyes and the human logical mind until we can step back from the pantomime and understand the players that take the stage. It is not enough to merely know the pantomime itself but to understand what draws us into said production. Human language of course hides TRUTH, we must become more aware of the language that is used and the language that our SPIRIT in TRUTH uses in communicating with us.

At this time the greatest show on earth is being unveiled on tv screens and social media across the world. Such is the draw on the audience participation that the entire "world" is watching and in doing so is being given the understanding of that which has remained behind the curtain.

Just as the Wizard of OZ stayed behind a curtain so too did the greatest show on earth, however such is the power of TRUTH that it has forced said show out of the shadows. However most within humanity will simply side step the acceptance of said show as being a 'show" and much like with "soap operas" begin to integrate pieces of said dialogue and characters off screen and into their everyday waking life experience. In plain terms it sees a huge proportion of humanity take part in the show itself, unwitting actors as "extras". Usually of course they will appear only in crowd scenes and in doing so are paid for their time and their interest.

Payment is in kind and is done thru the selling of part of their soul to the very pantomime itself. At this time we will come up against those who have been roped in to the greatest show and who's entire role in said show it to provide padding. In any movie even the main actor has to have a supporting cast or the movie would simply have no context or meaning.

We are forewarned therefore we are forearmed. At this time we are asked to hand back our tickets for ALL PERFORMANCES and ALL SEATING that we have been allocated. The allocation was done at the time of incarnation into a human physical vehicle and the ticket has remained in the coat pocket of our energy signature since then. Those who have front seat tickets and who are being used to fill the seats in order to bring in the rest of the audience are most at risk from simply ignoring the full horror of a what a front show ticket entails. However the selling of these tickets was done PRIOR to arrival in this our human physical form.

At this time we are asked to leave both the theater and the dimensional space in which said theater is located and this is done thru our surrender in Christ thru our deepest heart space. On the way out of this dimensional space we will be stopped by ticket touts, by friends and family on their way INTO the theater and others who have been sent to check our tickets. WE MUST SURRENDER THE TICKET PRIOR TO LEAVING THE THEATER as the ticket has a tracking device embedded within it that sits within the human energy signature.

To understand context and the veil rendering itself please listen to the latest TRUTH Codes BRIDGE podcasts available on a variety of podcast platforms:



(c) Karen Doonan

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