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Renewing of humanity in TRUTH

We are not alone, despite the deepest and most insistent illusion presented to humanity, we are not alone.  We are however at the mercy of our human logical mind and our human eyes and have been conditioned to place both before our heart space.  This can leave us with a mismatched picture. We may understand that we are not alone, that our Creator YHWY is moving in our human life experience but our human eyes may insist that He is not and our human logical mind may actively seek to prove that our life experience is other than that which we understand it to be.

Knowledge is the root of all evil because it is polarized, logic dictates if something is not X then by default it is Y.  We can think we know a lot about a subject but understanding it is something completely separate.  So we may think that because we have lived a human life experience and have years of experience behind us (as we age we become more set in our ways due to this linear interpretation by the human logical mind) that the years before us will continue in the same patterning.  This is simply more illusion and one that Lucifer will continue to present ESPECIALLY at times of vast transformation.

In this our human form we are always waiting for our outer waking interpretation of our human life experience to catch up with the inner shifts and changes that are taking place. It is not a case of us releasing deeply held emotional debris and somehow viola the outer waking reality begins to instantly change. What holds the outer waking reality "picture" in place is the human logical mind. It will actively filter out change attempting to present a continual and consistent picture to us.  This is a challenge that we work with through our full surrender to our Savior Christ.  It is tempting to fall to the assumption that somehow we have not been saved, that somehow we are not walking the narrow path and that we have failed but this is not the case.

Our Creator YHWY will actively validate the shifts in our human life experience, it is then up to us to surrender the human logical mind references.  As we surrender them to Christ through further prayer and remaining still (this is not taking the very repetitive behavior actions that have held us static in a loop) then we will begin to see the changes. This is what is meant when our Creator YHWY tells us:Romans 12:22 (KJV)

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God

The renewing of the human mind is a process that we will never have undergone before and we will challenge our own process if we attempt to think and to do it autonomously. We must ALWAYS remain IN Christ or we will fall to the many tricks of darkness in respect of the human logical mind.

It is vital that we understand the true meaning of wearing the Armor of GOD because the helmet of salvation that we put on prevents the seeds of doubt from germinating.  Lucifer will ALWAYS attack firstly and foremost through the human mind because it accepts that which is presented to it so easily.  Wearing the Helmet of Salvation prevents the seeds from activating and Lucifer sends various people, places, information and scenarios in an attempt to water them.

Prayer is the weapon that we use first and foremost in our surrender to the Salvation in TRUTH process, the Armor of GOD is that which we step into when we are walking with Christ and is something that we never take off.  It is possible that we can be persuaded that we do not require to continue to wear it and we must resist the manipulation which will come through our assumption that somehow we have reached beyond where darkness can work.

At this time we are approaching the full completion of the activation of the new earth and the opening of the doorways to the city of Jerusalem as is prophesied in the book of Revelation.  The twelve gates are the openings into the heart of the new that our Creator YHWY has promised and is delivering. There are only 12 gates and there are only 12 doorways. All routes do not lead to our Creator YHWY nor through His Son Christ and this must be accepted in order that we are not manipulated by the many distractions that little the road to the city in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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