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Replanting in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are blinded by our own human logical mind and our human physical eyes.  We are akin to plants that live in a garden.  In order to remain healthy and allow growth the gardener must remove the weeds from around and sometimes within the plant itself.   As we grow we require different surroundings, a sapling will require different sustenance and maintenance than a more mature plant for example.

Our emotional landscape is where darkness plants seeds and these seeds are always lies, the human logical mind is a fertile ground for these seeds because the human logical mind relies on logic and physical validation.  It has no connection to TRUTH because it is but a storage vessel. What begins in the mind CAN and WILL be transferred to the heart because that is the way in which humanity are conditioned to live and to survive.  We are required to be within our heart space in order that the seeds can be rooted out and the soil in which we grow and THRIVE is kept clean and clear. It is out connection through our heart space to wider creation in TRUTH that allows the the cleansing and clearing to establish.

In the DARK weeds grow because they do not require sunlight in which to grow, they are watered by our emotional responses and this watering is now reaching manic levels within humanity.  The human logical mind will take a concept and will run with it, always round in circles searching for the answers which can only ever be found within the heart space.

At this time we are asked to remain in our heart space and allow the weeding to continue. We cannot see that which is a weed and that which is another plant because we are conditioned to place our focus on knowledge and logic and reason.  TRUTH sits beyond this, in a conditioned construct all is set up in order to validate the construct.  So yes this construct is evil, this construct is painful and involves separation because that is the way in which is was designed. It is the human logical mind that goes to war with itself believing that changing our thought patters affect anything.  Our thoughts are the manifestation of the seeds that already exist within the human logical mind.

In order to allow the weeding we must allow the gardener who has a different viewpoint due to His existence out with said construct.  We cannot see the wood whilst we walk in it, we will see the individual trees that make up said wood but only when we are above the treetops can we see the wood that the trees combine to make up.

At this time there is a massive outpouring of grief, anger and frustration which leads the human logical mind to believe that it is something that has to be dealt with on a practical everyday human logical level. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM TRUTH.

As we rinse out a glass that has sediment at the bottom we do not stop and try and keep the water in the glass whilst extracting the sediment bit by bit. We know that rinsing the glass out with water will swill the sediment and cause it to leave the glass through the rinsing of the glass with water.

Many within humanity at this time are being held in patterns of behavior born out of the human logical mind and its insistence that the picture is other than it is in TRUTH. We are being cleansed, weeded and cleared. We will be replanted into NEW SOIL in a new space that is clear and free from weeds by the gardener. A house plant does not try and attempt to reach water all by itself by trying to somehow jump out of the pot. It relies on the gardener and surrenders to the process.  A gardener who KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the plant itself will check on the plant and know when to take action.  It is not the other way around.   Our Creator YHWY is the gardener and it is HE who is taking the action at this time, we require to surrender fully to the process, to trust in Him and allow ourselves to go through the process.

Attempting to re direct or worse still remain within the comfortable space that the pot has become leads to stagnation and eventually to death.  We become comfortable even in our pain because we have been conditioned to reject change and expansion. In moments of extreme pain and discomfort we will actively seek out routine and "familiar" because this is how we have been conditioned.

At this time the chaff is being removed from the field.  In biblical terms the Tares are being removed in order that growth is assured but our concept of that which is a Tare and that which is a fellow plant is highly distorted.

The soil in which we thrive is one of LOVE in TRUTH but since we have been denied this in this our human physical form because we have been born into a false construct we have simply adapted to survive. This does not equate to life, it equates to survival and we have become so used to fighting to survive that the very notion of surrender becomes like a poison to the human logical mind which conjures up visions of being abandoned and left behind. This is not TRUTH simply a manifestation of the seeds of non truth that have been implanted within us.

Our SPIRIT knows EXACTLY what we require in order to grow and to expand and it is our SPIRIT that now exerts the pressure to give up, to let go and to change that which we have mistaken for food and life.  This manifests as changes to diet, to exercise, to patterns of behavior that allowed us to survive but which are now null and void as we move into the expansion and the spaces in which we begin to grow.

The process will see fear rise to the surface because fear is the number one killer of everything from the physical human vehicle itself to relationships to purpose.  We are here to LOVE in TRUTH but in order to BE LOVE in TRUTH we must be nurtured and cared for at a deep root level. This is always through the heart space and this will see a huge expansion in understanding within humanity as the physical experience of this new growth and life begins to blossom.

Where we are stagnant expect the deepest cleansing for we have all adjusted to the darkness that we have been kept within.  Where there has been a lock down in part of this our human life experience expect there to be an opening and the pain needs an outlet first and foremost.  It is asking for release, we have simply been conditioned to weaponize said pain and attack those around us with it.  This is not supported in this phase of our evolution and we will be fully opposed and segregated when we attempt these behaviors.

If you feel "stuck" at this time or that you have simply gone crazy then sit within your heart space and ask to be shown that which you are holding on to. We LOSE NOTHING AND NOBODY in this process for we cannot lose TRUTH. WE WILL LOSE ALL THAT IS NOT TRUTH and ALL THAT IS A LIE and this is something that many will reject and deny.  Why would we ask to LIVE in TRUTH then deny the process that sees us moved out of that way of living and hold on denying it?  because we fear that which we have been conditioned to reject.  LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION but we have been conditioned to weaponize LOVE itself, believing it is something to be kept tightly hold of.

Like the sun in the sky, if we hold on to it then the seasons never change, the grass never grows it becomes scorched because it is exposed and never nurtured.  It is now time to change from the season of surviving into living in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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