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Resting in order to complete the transition process in TRUTH

For many at this time this is a time of vast energetic surges and the need to rest and to anchor will become more and more necessary. Unlike any previous upgrades the upgrade to enter the full evolution in TRUTH process is one that is very physical. This sees physical density removed, it sees lighter frequency anchored and the see-sawing that can happen can lead to various physical ailments that can be interpreted other than they are in TRUTH.

Feelings of overwhelming tiredness despite lack of very physical activity is one such symptom. The human race are trained to accept that if they have physically exerted energy then they will be tired but only if they see the physical activity. So for example it makes sense if you have spent the day running around, perhaps going to the gym keeping physically active. However if you got up, sat down at your desk and feel like you have run a marathon then there is no physical "clue" therefore your human logical mind will reject the tiredness and tell you that something is wrong.

Frequency will battle with frequency to find balance, the more that we can simply let go of the denser frequency the easier the process becomes. But the denser frequency has a punch to it and it may try to punch on the way out, it WANTS to remain because in remaining it can allow the control that is released by letting it go.

This is a pivotal time within humanity as they gear up for one of the densest illusions of the entire year. A time that is spent running around trying to achieve the perfection that is presented to them and which is not real. The stress and anxiety of the past 2 linear years will display itself in the physical over the coming few months and it will be a horror to be witnessed like no other. The veils are removed in order we can witness the cull that occurs each and every cycle within this race.

We require to rest and to achieve balance at the higher frequency levels of Wider Creation in TRUTH in order to have both compassion and understanding for a system that is feeding upon itself, that can no longer continue and a system that we came here to break fully.

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