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Restoring SIGHT by removing the blind FOLD

The power of SIGHT returning is a power that is overseen by the Archangels who work to remove the SLIGHT of HAND that is used by darkness. We are kept in the blindness when we view only what can be physically seen and ignore that which can be felt along side it. Take for example a picture taken close up of a fork, we can see the prongs of the fork but nothing else. If this picture was presented to us with a description of iron bars our human logical mind may accept the description and then accept the picture. It is CONTEXT that allows for a picture to reveal itself. In the example of the fork then widening the picture to reveal the handle would reveal it is a fork and not iron bars.

As the human logical mind works at a very LOGICAL level at all times it is easy to place something over the picture that plays to the existing reference points and darkness ALWAYS uses the trauma response to anchor said picture. What the Archangels do is dissolve the trauma frequency that keeps the picture presented in focus allowing a new focus and new context to be reached.

The GATEWAY that was opened yesterday (in linear terms) has allowed this to be expanded and many are now revisiting "past" events but able to see them in a new context, that of TRUTH, this is allowing for vast healing to birth thru humanity and allowing trauma, separation and division to begin to dissolve. Remember it is mis communication that is the root of most arguments, disputes and separation. Address the communication by removing the "missing information" and we can reach beyond where we have gone before.

The human logical mind works to fill in the missing information, which is why optical illusions can be presented, the picture is not fully complete but the logical mind will fill in the blanks. When trauma or a trauma response is involved this will always be a NEGATIVE picture. How many times have we been presented with a trigger and then responded and the response then feeds the picture and it then manifests? this is the blue print for darkness. It cannot make it manifest but it works to present a picture that is made manifest thru the emotional responses of all involved.

Archangel Gabriel as a MESSENGER angel is now redelivering that which has been delayed on the human physical plane of existence. It has been delayed because it was being redirected continually. These blockages once fully removed will now give a CRYSTAL CLEAR picture of something that humanity have been trying to make sense of for some time.

We are asked to remain deep within our heart space and to accept that which the Archangels now bring to us in order to release. In order to move beyond where we are we must let go of all that ties us to what was before. There is no stretchy elastic, it is not a try to expand and push thru, natural expansion in TRUTH is the step beyond where we are today. Then another then another, this can only happen when the bondage is dissolved.



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