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Restructuring of the outer waking reality and the death of logic in TRUTH

As a race humanity have been kept in isolation, fed upon and generally kept in a low frequency. This is against Wider Creation in TRUTH where ALL sentient beings are equal and work in balance and harmony. The non persona of humanity is created thru the various bindings and curses that are handed down thru the genetic DNA/RNA and remain hidden to humanity in general.  Whilst many are beginning to wake up they are waking up with intense anger and hatred and this is further fueling those who have kept them in said conditions forever.

View it akin to waking from a long sleep chained to a cell in a dark dungeon with a key at your feet.  Whilst many in this example will begin to shout and to scream and to show intense emotion it is very few who will simply awake search for the key (that is at their feet and within reach) and USE said key.  Intense emotional response is that which the old earth matrix CULTIVATES.  It already knew that those kept in a lower vibrational response would react the way that many are already within humanity. ALL within the old earth matrix is by DESIGN, ALL OF IT.

Now the backlash has begun with the outpouring of "omg did you know this", all this does is keep the old earth matrix in place that bit longer.  How long do humanity stand in a cell that they are able to WALK OUT OF and keep shouting at their captors?  why would we shout at them and not simply pick up the key and silently leave the prison? The answer is within the DNA/RNA of each and every human physical vessel.  There are those who have taken human form who are the screamers deliberately. Their entire purpose is to hold as many within humanity at the screaming/anger stage as long as possible in order to reap even further from humanity.

We are now approaching the opening of the BRIDGE which will see a section of humanity step away from the intense emotional outbursts that are occurring. Their creation purpose is to elevate their frequency to match that of wider Creation in TRUTH in order that they simply STEP OUT of the matrix.   It is this simple and because it is this simple many will not align with it, preferring to use intense emotion as a compass which will see them trapped within a cell that they have the keys to.

At this time the out pouring of intense emotion is perhaps blinding those who are now called to the BRIDGE.  The realms that have sent emissaries to be birthed into humanity thru taking human form are more than aware of this and have prepared for this. For many at this time the calling will now come in a variety of ways. Those called are the starseeds, the E.Ts, the Travelers and the Angelics who entire life purpose is to show TRUTH thru preparation for and crossing of the BRIDGE.

It is now a human choice, to let go of the need to flag each and every horrific deed done to keep humanity enslaved or to simply walk out of it closing the door behind. For the frequency of wider Creation in TRUTH is that of balance and harmony. None of that which exists within the old earth matrix can cross the BRIDGE which is why it is so challenging to walk towards it. But we are not alone, we were never alone, ALL JUST IS and we are now aligning fully with TRUTH.

Polarization of the human logical mind is the trap that many will fall to. Polarization is NOT TRUTH, it may well be how we have experienced the human life experience to date but it is not TRUTH. It is not how wider Creation in TRUTH experience and this has to be addressed thru the preparations that are now unfolding for those approaching the bridge.

Humanity are no longer trapped with no way out, they are now being given the choice. It is this simple. The choice is personal and the choice was taken prior to incarnation into a blasphemy that is now dissolving.

For those who hear our call we salute you, for the TIME IS NOW. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan For further frequency support including one to one sessions, healing guidance and meditations to strengthen the connection to creation purpose please contact Karen directly.

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