We are each guilty of writing parts of our human life experience and attempting to alter the

path that we walk thru the residue that sits within the deepest well that the SOUL blueprint

had access to. This sees us write our memoirs with the poison pen on the SOUL blueprint.

This can see us remember in the wrong context and allow ourselves to begin to poison our

own life experience thru the false tendrils of “memory”.

How do you remember prior experiences so far? How often do you find yourself filling up with regret? How often do you find yourself filling up with anger? This points to the SOUL blueprint that holds the poison pen and we must release the poison pen fully. We do this thru going into the deep heart space and surrendering the PEN AND INK to Christ fully. It is this simple and yet our human logical mind may come up with various scenarios that tempt us to avoid doing this.

Much like the general blog that was posted about the INTERNAL WELL being poisoned we

must begin to reach the deep understanding necessary in respect of the previous owner of

this our human physical vehicle, the SOUL. It did not just pack up and leave willingly, it was

like an errant child, it took all the light bulbs, put paint over the carpets and vandalized the

walls on the way out, trying to make it as difficult as possible for our SPIRIT in TRUTH to get

comfortable and begin its work. So many of us have had our SPIRIT in TRUTH revisit various

parts of the internal housing in an attempt to get it up to standard then begin the next part of the process. The housing is now taking shape, as our SPIRIT in TRUTH makes it a work of

art and the internal landscape is now soft and welcoming we will be having visitors and some

are not welcome.

What happens when the SOUL leaves is that it sends a 301 redirect out to all the connections

that it had whilst living within our human physical vehicle. This sees these contacts able to

find us and EXPECT the same service as was previously there. But they will not get it

because the SOUL does not live here. So what do they do? They get angry, they start

demanding their money back like angry shoppers who now have a product they have no use

for. This is part of the backlash of the frequency bandwidth that has left, it leaves a sting and

expects us to get stung.

But our SPIRIT in TRUTH is wiser than this and has set up higher fencing around our human

physical vehicle, this fencing is linked to the ANGELIC realms which send patrols out as and

when the fence is being approached by one of the previous angry customers. It forewarns our SPIRIT in TRUTH who then takes action to remove the frequency that is calling the visitor to our human physical vehicle. This allows us to side step the actual visit whilst dealing with the internal residue that requires to be removed so that the angry customer never visits again because they simply can no longer find the physical vehicle.

This is often misunderstood by us at a human waking everyday level because we see people

as people in the roles that they were when we first incarnated. We do not see the difference in US and our ROLE past the SOUL blueprint so we tend to fall to the false accusations and we try to deal with the angry customers by ourselves.

It is CHRIST who will step in and take over customer service but He has to be permitted to

take over this role, if we step in front of Him or worse allow Him to begin then sack Him

believing that we know best how to handle the situation we will be stuck dealing with the fall

out from the moving of the SOUL blueprint for some time. This delays our movement and our journey travel and is the exact reason that the SOUL does this as it leaves our human

physical vehicle.

At this time we are dealing with a number of hostile demands and Christ must be permitted to deal fully with them. We may not recognize any of them because they are OLD AND LOYAL CUSTOMERS TO THE SOUL BLUEPRINT, many have not visited the human physical vehicle for some time because they have been getting deliveries without revealing who they are.

These are the deepest frequencies that are used by the SOUL blueprint and we are kept

clean and tidy by surrendering fully to CHRIST during this process.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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