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Revelation in TRUTH

As we continue to move towards the expansion into TRUTH more fully then the book of Revelation begins to fully complete. The discussions, the arguments, the denial and the attempts at humanly fulfilling what is assumed is prophesy are all part of the prophesy itself.  As the human race now moves beyond what it "knows" and begins to move into the full unfolding of what is often called the "race" we are now revealing TRUTH at a human physical waking level.

It is relatively easy to allow the human logical mind to fool our eyes, indeed religion and non religion demands that this occurs. For it is the human logical mind which interprets the bible as something that has "happened". The construct that is referenced as "linear" seeks to have humanity place things in a very specific order. This of course is deliberate and a tool of Lucifer for all is NOW, unfortunately the human logical mind has been conditioned to reject this fully.  At every moment our human logical mind attempts to hold us fully to "linear" through referencing "past", "present" and "future". It is in the spaces between each that we lose TRUTH for Lucifer seeks to have us place our eyes where he wants us to place them. As we are looking for "past" we take our eyes off the power of the NOW moment.  As we are looking for "future" we take our eyes off the power of the NOW moment, for all changes at all moments.  We are simply conditioned to attempt to keep tight hold and prevent said change.

Matthew 13:14 (KJV) And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:

As humanity now attempt to remain without change, adapting through standing still, Lucifer will now pull out all stops to continue to hide TRUTH.  As the above verse states very clearly prophecy will fulfill regardless.  We require to UNDERSTAND and this is only ever achieved through the Holy Spirit which is only ever gifted through the Grace of our Creator YHWY thru His Son, Christ.

There are many roads, many paths, Lucifer conditions humanity to believe that all can be walked, in TRUTH there is but ONE path, which is only ever found through accepting fully Christ into our deepest heart space. From that moment the journey begins and the journey to Salvation in TRUTH leads us out of Lucifer's world into TRUTH, into the new earth and into the fulfillment of our Creation purpose in TRUTH. As it is our Creator YHWY only who can see everything only He can lead us out of darkness through His Son, Christ, until that moment we are blinded by the illusions presented and accepted by our human logical mind that seeks to prevent us from said fulfillment.

We are asked at this time to remain on the rock that is Christ, surrendering fully to the will of our Creator YHWY, remaining firm in our faith, our understanding and our Creation purpose in TRUTH. From all this comes rebirth and the fulfillment of the next covenant that our Creator YHWY makes with His Children in TRUTH.



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