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The Crystal Kingdom is now opening for those who are awakening to the Higher Frequency bandwidths. The message from this crystal is to the deepest part of our heart space and the healing that is available as the Crystal Kingdom begins to aid us in our recovery from the long walk that we have taken to begin to awaken.

For those who are now accessing the higher frequencies the call has gone out via the Archangels who are the messengers for both Heaven in TRUTH and the Crystal Kingdom itself. We are now navigating beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth". This allows for dramatic and deepening healing in this our human life experience. We are no longer held to the separation, trauma and division that we were birthed into taking human form within this dimensional space.

The messages are held within the space that is now opening for those awakening and these messages are deep and expansive. To work with these energies we are asked to go deep into our heart space and to understand that there is more than one way to live in this our human physical form. Healing flows from our deep heart space and radiates outwards, affecting ALL who we come into contact with. No longer viewing the human life experience thru the pain of separation, division and trauma we are placed in a new context and are able to walk in spaces that we were denied.

To work further with this and to begin to walk this path we are asked to LET GO fully and trust the process.

For tools to aid you in this process please CLICK HERE. Podcasts are available including guided meditations via subscription.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" (Lao Tzu), as we step forward we are met by HEAVEN in TRUTH and the Crystal Kingdom.



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