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RISING in TRUTH, breaking the SHELL of illusion...

WE ARE now being placed for optimum growth, like a seed that has to use a lot of internal force to break the shell and then reach thru the earth for sunlight, WE ARE being given said internal force. It is called LOVE in TRUTH and it streams thru us as we open our heart space to TRUTH.

This will continue to ramp up and we will find ourselves facing that which once would have had us on our knees, we bow to no one for that is sacrifice. We move beyond the CROSS and into TRUTH and BEYOND. For many at this time the kneeling will identify the actual CROSS, this is the frequency that darkness has used to keep our entire family lineage bowing to it. Removing this frequency allows for movement beyond a perceived "death" and into the frequency bandwidths that sit beyond this.

Make no mistake it will appear other than it is in TRUTH. Where we attempt ANY sacrificial rote, ritual or action we will be opposed. Many use memes that signify that those who are below the surface or table simply need to stand up. Bowing is not an option, WE ARE HERE TO STAND IN TRUTH, we can only do this by being upright and dissolving the WEIGHT of the SHACKLES placed upon our family lineage at the beginning of this dimensional space.

For those who are ready to move beyond in TRUTH the 7 steps to HEAVEN meditations aid in this transition. These meditations take you deep into the heart space and remove the frequencies that are hidden to naked human eyes. these can be accessed thru the GOLD CHANNEL on the main whispering universe website.

RISING like the SON in TRUTH we now bring morning to the darkest of KNIGHTS in order the day BREAKS fully.



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