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Rutilated Quartz

Working more closely with the Archangels opens up more fully the healing that is available to us as we walk thru the Crystal Kingdom. Always we will be drawn to that which is seeking to speak with us and the Crystal Kingdom is speaking very clearly at this time. It is calling out to those who are looking to balance their energy signature and to rebalance with Wider Creation in TRUTH.

Our "diet" is not only what we put into our human physical vehicles, if our SPIRITUAL landscape is not balanced then it matters not how much exercise that we do, what foodstuffs we eat and what we drink, it is the SPIRITUAL plane that is vital for balance and this has remained hidden to many within humanity.

As the spiritual plane is not easily seen by the human eyes it is simply ignored. The Crystal Kingdom along with the Archangelic Kingdom is now working to release this and to allow things to become CRYSTAL CLEAR for us. So we will now be receiving signs and symbols from both Kingdoms as they speak to us and guide us into the balance that we are now asked to restore.

If you require to find a starting point for work with the Archangels then a card reading or perhaps a direct communication thru myself can aid you. Further information is available on the main website under ANGEL COMMUNICATION.

We are asked to note the symbols and the signs and sit with these. The rushing about of the outer waking reality can pull our attention, it is vital that we make time for ourselves for in doing this we step on to a pathway that is healing and nurturing and as we work to come back into balance all that has kept us out of balance dissolves. This leads to doorways that can be access, past hurts that can be healed and let go of and new opportunities and expansion to be accessed.

ALL starts with one step.



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