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Sacrifice or Retreat, why the choice is being made for you

For many at this time the idea that there is any choice to be made in relation to how to live the human life experience is but a fleeting memory. This is held in place by the darkness that seeks to have humanity in chains and to keep them in the constant state of sacrifice. Indeed the very foundation of the life experience for the past linear almost 3 years has been of sacrifice. So humanity has obeyed, they have sacrificed their dreams, they have sacrificed almost every part of their life experience and yet darkness demands MORE.

There comes a point where we step out of sacrifice and understand that sacrifice is but PART of what Christ underwent when He went to the Cross. He did not just hang on the cross in continual sacrifice and this is often glossed over and ignored. He went into death and then ROSE once more. We are now approaching the part of the linear year where this is celebrated but how can ASCENSION been celebrated when the majority of humanity are still in the sacrifice that darkness demanded?

The Archangelic realms are now addressing this thru the pulling back of the veils that have been placed upon the eyes of humanity. Like WIDOWS in mourning humanity has viewed the outer waking life experience thru a BLACK VEIL. The tears that are shed further blind and the picture is completely skewed. Now the Archangelic energies work to release the VEILS from the eyes of humanity and in doing so wipe away the tears that have KEPT THEM IN MOURNING.

As with Christ when He ascended there was a period of linear time between dying on the Cross and going beyond. For those who are here to aid humanity thru this process, this time period has been the last linear 3 years. For Christ it was 3 days, for humanity they have wept at the Cross now for 3 linear years. It is now time to take stock of what WAS in order to prepare for what IS and ever shall be.

As we now are guided fully by Archangel Gabriel we will be aligned fully with HEAVEN in TRUTH, able to walk in the GRACE of our Creator as those who have wept are comforted, those who have been in pain are given relief and those who have kept humanity in chains now stand before Creator in TRUTH.



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