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Sailing beyond the confines of the harbor in TRUTH

We are conditioned heavily in this our human physical form in relation to that which is supported and that which is not. Nothing requires to be vocalized, the internal stop/go traffic lights if you will are internal and are non verbal. They are part of the foundation that is laid down in our formative years.  There are probably various relatives that we each can think of that have a mannerism that says yes or no and that is obvious but needs no words.  Now take this person and then replicate them throughout the entirety of the family generations that are no longer in human physical form but who's permission is still being worked with.  THIS is the internal passageways that are blocked and which remain hidden to us in this our human physical form.

Those who are within the expansion in TRUTH process are now being shown these internal passageways because the blockage is SPIRITUAL and requires to be dissolved in order that we can now begin to align fully with our SPIRITUAL PURPOSE in this our human physical form in this dimensional reality.  As these blockages are shown we will feel the internal struggle begin to deepen.  It may feel very very uncomfortable indeed and we may begin to have internal dialogues with ourselves, on the outside everyday world it will seem as nothing having changed but in the internal world it will be akin to climbing a mountain barefoot and barehanded.

This is that which ties us in knots, it is not the whole world that sits in judgment of our actions and our life experience it is this internal judge and jury which is NOT TRUTH.  The needs and wants of those around us have been used to manipulate and to shape our external reality and whilst this is seen as something that "just happens" it does not make it TRUTH.  The enslaving of humanity is internally and requires to be removed in order that we can set sail beyond the limitations of that which our family "expects", "demands" or "agrees".  It is us personally who is undergoing this human life experience and as staged in the earlier work TRUTH CODES no one has the exact same life experience as the other.  How we interpret everything from color to taste to sound is personal and unique.  No two people standing looking a tree will experience said tree in the exact same way and yet this is hidden to humanity.

Social networks seek to manipulate and to pull into line those who do not agree with that which is placed upon it. But this does not give a choice for in the disagreement is manipulation. When given a choice it has to involve TRUTH otherwise it is simply going round in circles choosing for the sake of choosing but not actually getting anywhere. As the old earth construct/matrix is build on shifting sand and does not contain TRUTH it gives a good impression of a fluid space but this is simply the illusion generated by a race that is running around in various directions whilst going nowhere and this is DELIBERATE. For movement is perceived as change and change is perceived as movement but both can be held still whilst perceived as moving.

That which hides behind this illusion is the family threads that are woven so thickly that the pattern cannot even be seen anymore. Blood may be thicker than water but who's blood was used in the creation? We are heavily conditioned to place more value on those who are blood related than those who are not and marrying into family structures causes rifts that are not easily seen but can be felt very sharply.

This again is deliberate to protect the family WEAVE that seeks to create a foundation on which to experience life in this human physical form. ALL WEAVES will now be dissolved in order that TRUTH is revealed for TRUTH JUST IS and cannot be dissolved.  As we now move into the next phase of Prophecy we will see the full disintegration of what is termed the "family unit" as Lucifer ups his attack on that which is TRUTH in favor of replacing it with that which is non TRUTH.   This will see the fragmentation of all that we have been conditioned to build upon. In layman's terms this is pulling the rug from under us. Many will fall as the only balance they have achieved is how to stand on the rug that is now to be pulled and Lucifer knows this.

We are asked to step off the rug and stand fully and solidly in full surrender IN Christ on the ROCK that HE is in TRUTH.  From this place of safety we can begin to understand that which has been hidden to us and which has kept us from any serious and permanent understanding of the fragility of Lucifer's world which will now shatter fully. Humanity have been led to believe thru conditioning that the old earth construct/matrix is self sustaining but like the errant child that Lucifer is in TRUTH HE will break his own creation in his own final act of rebellion.  He cares not for that which populates his creation for that was not the purpose of creating it. An act of rebellion created the old earth construct/matrix and an act of rebellion will now end it. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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