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We are being given a choice each moment of each moment and yet many within humanity remain blind. What is it that makes them blind when many can see that which is happening and simply watch it in wonder? The difference is in the DNA/RNA that sits hidden within the human physical vehicle. We do not first of all see the DNA/RNA signature at a frequency level of those of us around us albeit we may be able to sense it.

No amount of shouting at those who are now sleep walking past us will wake them up because they are not required to wake up. The choice of whether to become a field for seeding or to evolve was made prior to the incarnation into this dimensional timeline. This TRUTH is denied by many who are not able to move beyond this moment. Denial is the key to the opening of the doorway that will present itself at this time. If we DENY who we are in TRUTH then we will find that we are opposed from walking any further. If we attempt to blindly follow the HERD that is now moving into place allowing the seeds to implant then we will be opposed. So at this time many are in a catch 22 situation.

TRUTH JUST IS, we cannot get it wrong, what tries to prevent us making a movement in TRUTH is the human logical mind which keeps us to the logic and reason of a dimensional space that is other than it is TRUTH. We are asked to step out of logic and reason and go deep within our heart space at this time.

WE ARE IN THE END OF DAYS and WE ARE LIVING OUT THE BOOK OF REVELATION however it is not unfolding as the construct of religion has presented, as hollywood has presented or anything within the Old Earth Matrix has presented and this of course is deliberate. The END OF DAYS is the end of the SEEDING CYCLES and this is occurring at this time. This does not mean that no seeding takes place, it means that the cycle will never complete. Said cycle lasts approximately 2,000 years and at this moment we are in the cusp where many of the seeding fields are being left empty in order to let the soil recover in order to produce a better harvest. IT IS THIS CUSP that is the doorway to BACE Camp. We use the empty fields to navigate to the EDGE and from this place we are given the support and assistance that is required to move beyond this.

If we use only our human logical mind and our naked eyes we will see ONLY THE SEEDED FIELDS and we may fall to the illusion that somehow we are surrounded, we are not. This TRUTH will now be validated to the 144.000 who are now activating and awakening to deeper levels.

We are asked at this time to remain in balance, to remain still until the ARCHANGELIC realms make themselves known to us. They will not appear as the Old Earth Matrix "angels", they will make themselves known to us thru the deep heart space and it will become very obvious that Wider Creation in TRUTH is now calling to us.

WE CANNOT FAIL at what WE came here to BE, this TRUTH will also now be validated to US at a physical waking, everyday level.

WE have prepared for this time, it is why we incarnated in the first place.



(c) Karen Doonan

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