• Karen Doonan

Seeding of TRUTH at human physical plane level is now underway in TRUTH.

We are in a process that is now fully underway and it is vital that it is understood at deep heart space level. We are within a multi level illusion at this present time and we will be pulled under it if we give in to the demands of a race that is now being fully harvested thru their emotional debris.

It is not TRUTH to surrender to illusion, we are not hemmed in and we are not trapped however that may be the density of illusion that you are faced with at this time. NOW is the time to release that which triggers the most. Do not attempt to go around it, instead stand in it and step into Christ and then look again. It is not that which it initially presents to you as however ONLY by standing IN Christ can this be viewed then worked with.

As with any harvesting there is a season. We are now having the TARES removed from around us, we are not part of the harvesting of humanity but of the harvest of TRUTH. It is CREATOR who is the farmer and it is in CREATORs WILL that we are cultivated.

At this time we are being held in place whilst that which is not TRUTH is REMOVED FROM AROUND US AND WITHIN US. We may therefore feel very solid and rooted in one spot, this is to help us, do not hold on to that which is being pulled from you, it is being pulled because it is not TRUTH. It matters not that we cannot see this at this time but it is vital that we TRUST THE PROCESS and ACCEPT it.


(c) Karen Doonan