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Seeing RED, its in your blood

Everything within the old earth construct/matrix is designed to harness the separation, grief, trauma and pain that humanity are conditioned to live within. The design was crafted beyond human memory and the human logical mind is such that it simply ignores that which is not RELATIVE to that what it assumes is being presented.  We filter out approximately 99% of all available information, focusing only on the 1 % that is applicable. This split decision is taken in a nano second and keeps us blind.

The conditioning that has us live within the prison that is the old earth construct/matrix is designed to have us adapt. Adaptation is not TRUTH, it may be how the human race have managed to keep going but this does not make it TRUTH. Given any circumstances a human being will begin to adapt, not because it is time to biologically expand or evolve but simply because survival kicks in. This too is not natural, the human body has a flight or fight system that is not natural and is not an original aspect of the human form. However there is "evidence" which is taken as proof and many will defend this, it happens therefore it must be is a very very dangerous stance to take and yet we take it. We are conditioned to look for it but the old earth construct is a SELF VALIDATING construct, it is designed to validate itself and it is designed to provide the evidence needed that something is happening.

What it is not designed for is TRUTH, TRUTH is the variable that destabilizes it and it is the frequency of TRUTH that sees it wobble which is why it was designed the way that it was in the beginning. It is designed on the negative plane, it is set up for negativity, indeed the more negativity that can be harnessed the better and the more streamlined the construct works. It is when the frequency of TRUTH begins to flow that it breaks down and it then uses the frequency of those who are aligned with the construct to protect itself. In short it uses human shields, they are called friends and family and co workers, they are our fellow human beings.

We will find that as we walk thru the expansion in TRUTH process that various people will step forward in an attempt to placate our walk. We will find the greatest opposition from those who are closest to the root of the lie that is being dissolved.  These individuals will be BLOOD RELATIVES and the frequency that sets this defense off is harnessed deep within the DNA/RNA of our blood line.

The closer we get to the ROOT frequency that binds us to the old earth construct/matrix the deeper the anger that will be directed at us. It will not often be hurled at us directly this would be too obvious (albeit initially this may play out), that which occurs is a chipping away at our frequency. The blast of frequency from anger, retribution and separation and trauma can be felt spiritually. It may make no sense at an everyday human level but it will play out. It will echo thru the entire human life experience, unexplained delays will spring up,  intense emotional reactions will be experienced thru those around us. Mental health hides a great deal of this, where it can be written off as mental health episode it will be found that an all out spiritual attack THRU a human being who has access to us has occurred.  Darkness has no issue with using human beings as hosts and does not care the damage that is inflicted on said individual.

Many within humanity talk about the "cabal", the forces of darkness and world events not understanding that these are but the distractions. Darkness attacks ALWAYS CLOSEST to home, the nearer it can move an actual person to us, to talk with us, to interact and to influence the stronger the attack. It does not need to influence world powers, stage false flag events etc when it can sit across the kitchen table with a cup of tea and inflict intense spiritual attack thru the use of words, of beliefs, of actions and of behavior.  It is classic war strategy, to place a rogue operative within the family structure with the orders to gain information in relation to weak points, to fears, to strengths and to report back. ALL IS DONE AT A SPIRITUAL LEVEL and is done under cover.

Humanity are in the grip of a stockholm syndrome that remains hidden. Held captive since the beginning by a force that has sought to keep them from TRUTH, conditioning them to believe there is only this world and nothing else is available.  Bombarding them with conditioning that seeks to have them loyal to a cause that has nothing to do with them.  Seeking to have them protect that which is attacking and to reject that which could aid them in leaving.  This is now manifesting as serious mental health issues and yet it being denied by many who have simply given up and lost all hope.

Our Creator YHWY has not given up on His Children. The spiritual war that rages will end, prophecy will complete and humanity will be freed. However the emotional fall out and reparations from this will be unlike anything humanity have ever experienced before and because of this there is that residue of fear that has to be dissolved fully within those within the expansion in TRUTH process.

There is life after the old earth construct/matrix experience, but it is a life that has never before been experienced in this our human physical form. Genesis 1:27 (KJV) will be anchored within humanity and as it anchors TRUTH will send out a shock wave that the old earth construct/matrix never recovers from because it is not TRUTH, it is the jail CELL that humanity have been kept within forever and from which they are now being repatriated. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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