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Updated: May 19

At this time WE ARE asked to let go of all that no longer serves us, to aid us in this process the Crystal Kingdom steps forward. Selenite is a beautiful nurturing and supporting crystal that works to protect our energies as we let go. Many will find that working with Selenite is akin to brushing an angel feather across the skin, it is protective but not in a harsh way.

There are many ways to work with this crystal, placing selenite spheres around a house will work to repel that which is seeking to re anchor, so if you are actively letting go working with the crystal in this way sees FULL release, it will prevent any of the rogue energies from simply being re-absorbed. This can happen when we are working with deep belief systems for the frequency that is manifesting said deep belief system when released is released THRU our human physical vehicle. We may mistakenly begin to believe that we are reliving something when in TRUTH it is the exiting of the frequency causing TEMPORARY distortion to our energy signature. Selenite works to balance us as we release and prevent the level of distortion that would see us simply re-ingest the rogue frequency.

Those of you working with skulls and the shifting grids at this time may be using this crystal along with the skulls in order to protect your CORRIDOR OF MOVEMENT thru the timelines. This allows for vast movement and speedy movement, as we move using this crystal and is protection we are moved LEAVING NO FOOTPRINTS to where we have come from. So we move in a more hidden and protected way.

It is not unusual for SELENITE to turn almost quartz like when it is working hard so do not be surprised if the satin sheen of this crystal simply disappears, this is more obvious with the polished spheres or the larger pieces of selenite that are termed "palm stones". If your selenite is currently presenting as almost clear quartz know it is working hard for you and as it does will continue to change in lustre and clarity.

Selenite wish to aid ALL at this time is calling to many. Remember this crystal is VERY soluble so please do not run it directly under water and keep away from moisture.



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