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Self help is the key that locks the door to TRUTH

We are not alone in this our human life experience, indeed we are connected in ways that remain hidden until the various veils are lifted.  We are heavily conditioned to remain in stasis and reject all attempts at removing said stasis. It is when we take a step towards the exit door that the resistance begins in earnest and the resistance is not that which our human logical mind references as such.

How often have we taken steps to adjust our behaviors only to find that they are challenged heavily? how often do we take steps to change our outlook to find that those around us go to extreme lengths to have us change it back once again?  humanity are locked into a chain line that remains hidden to the naked human eyes.  The very human phrase "we have always done it this way" is a underlining of the deep conditioning that we are subject to and which acts as a trigger to that which is deep within us.

Emotional residue works to keep us bound to the very outcome and patterns that we wish to address often at very deep personal levels. We may say the words and fully believe that we wish to do X but then find ourselves doing Y.  This chaining is policed by those around us who may not understand their own actions but act as a sort of emotional police force enforcing that which is deemed acceptable at any one time.

Within our own family structure this is heavily policed. We will find that when we attempt to make inroads to journeys that others have not taken that the ammunition starts to fly. From throwaway comments to out right hostility as soon as we begin to travel on a different hidden path we will be challenged.

So how do we walk past the challenge without it ending in some sort of stand off?  We surrender fully IN Christ and we then ask for the bindings to be revealed. It is when the bindings are BROKEN through being IN Christ that resolution can be achieved and that which threatened to become all out war suddenly vanishes.  It is the BINDING ITSELF which keeps all locked into an unseen battle.

These bindings are kept hidden and are enforced through SELF HELP. The very notion that the human logical mind can be used to extract itself from that which is has been filled with and that which it references seems insane. How can we alter out life experience if all we have ever experienced is that which has caused the emotional distress in the first place?  the answer lies in the surrender and deep within the heart space. Surrender does not mean that we simply lie down and allow those around us to walk all over us. Surrender stops the ammunition in order that we can see who is throwing it at us and it is that which stands behind the human that is causing the distress.

We are not surrendering IN Christ in order to somehow remain hidden and isolated, we surrender IN Christ to walk where we have AUTHORITY TO WALK but which are PREVENTED due to the bindings put in place that force our walk within the matrix. For those who deny this there seems no choice. How often during our everyday waking life experience do we hear or even use the phrase "what choice do i have?". The answer is that we ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE and often a choice will involve standing very still IN Christ allowing Him to reveal that which is causing said distress in order it can be taken out by the root. This does not require endless sessions with a therapist, nor does it involve endless buying of self help books because it is not addressing the symptoms, it is addressing the ROOT and in doing so TAKES IT OUT. Without a root binding there can be no manifestation of symptoms.

Take for example someone who is allergic to oranges but keeps drinking orange juice. They can take medication that allows them to still drink the orange juice and hold back the various symptoms that arise. The solution of course is to stop drinking the orange juice, obvious you may say, well yes but what if the orange juice is presented as apple juice?  such is the illusion that is presented within the old earth construct/matrix itself. That which is presented is to lure us with the naked human eyes, it is whilst we are interacting that the illusion shows itself with the symptoms that then unfold.

At this time we are being asked to remain very still and allow Christ to reveal the ROOT of the war that is held tightly within the old earth construct/matrix and is seeking to have us step off a path that humanity are repeated conditioned to believe simply does not exist. We do this in order that the way forward is cleared and that the passage is validated.  There is no point in setting sail in a boat only to discover that there is a stow away that is attempting to sink said boat. The boat and its crew have to be seaworthy to begin with and the boat has to be able to make the entire voyage. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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