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Separation of Worlds

We are now standing on the fault line of the dimensional space referenced as "earth". Many are now wondering how the outer waking reality can begin to move and shift when it appears to solidify and harden every day. This optical illusion is a dense one and one that we are prepared for.

The latest podcast (PREMIUM 35) is created to help the understanding that is required of how the constructs work to pull in the human logical mind and how we are wound into an illusion thru the very human part of our being. There is much that is unfolding at this time and many within the 144,000 can feel these shifts. We are not asked to view the outer waking reality we are asked to place our focus on that which sits beyond our reference points. This is done thru the communication that comes thru our human heart space. Understanding how FEAR is used against us is pivotal to this next unfolding, hence the creation of the PREMIUM podcasts which will address in depth that which is being used and how to work to release it.

It is not enough to be passive and simply fold to the outer waking reality any more, we are asked to ALIGN fully and being to do the work that is necessary in order that we can move into the dimensional space where we can access the tools that are required.

The understanding of how fear traps the human logical mind permits the movement out of said human logical mind and can remove the STOP sign that is placed on the human life experience. WE ARE not helpless, we are not at the mercy of the outer waking life experience in TRUTH however the illusion presented is a deep one. Unless we begin to understand the tools of the enemy then we will continually fall to their strategy and in doing so step off the path that we are walking.

In all war there is strategy and step number one is always DIVIDE. Where we find DIVIDE we find the war machine and when we have this reflected back to us then it shows us that the divide is internal, unify the internal and the DIVIDE dissolves.




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