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Separation of "worlds" in TRUTH

There has been much speculation and much debate about the separation of worlds.  There are many versions of this old earth construct/matrix, it is an inter and intra multi dimensional space that exists in ways that are ignored by the human logical mind due to the intense conditioning that humanity are subject to. The human logical mind was designed to fracture this fully thus hiding it further, the polarization that our human logical mind plays into is that which blinds us to that which we exist within.

We are in aligning with wider creation in TRUTH moving out of this intra, inter and multi dimensional space, view it akin to a kaleidoscope, so many different options, manifestations and outcomes, just because it is created to provide this does not make any of it TRUTH, the fracturing is deliberate in order to prevent our movement into wider creation in TRUTH.  View this akin to a picture taken on a camera (lens of the eyes), kept at a certain size the picture will remain looking like it does, it may look almost perfect, but begin to enlarge the picture and the flaws within the picture begin to grow. So for this example imagine we have taken a picture of vase with a hairline crack in it.  To the naked human eye the picture will not reveal the hairline crack, but as we enlarge the picture the crack will appear and get more and more noticeable.

As we are moved into wider creation in TRUTH we are asked to heal in order that we have no hairline fractures for these destabilize us at human physical vehicle level. Where we have pain we have a puncture if you will, where we have trauma we will have a spiritual fracture etc.   These have to be addressed before we are separated from this dimensional space and moved into wider creation in TRUTH. The main difference between wider creation in TRUTH and this dimensional space is that there is only ONE TRUTH, only one manifestation and only one outcome. There are no variables, TRUTH does not come in a variety of sizes, styles nor flavors, TRUTH JUST IS and this is of course very challenging to accept due to the experience (which is repeated continually through the timelines and reincarnation across the dimensional spaces) that we have been subject to.

Much like being told and given an apple that is blue will give the impression that blue is the color of an apple and all other colors are null and void the conditioning warps our vision. Take for an example a person who has spent their entire life being told that apples are blue, they have been given a physical blue apple and they munch away quite happily assuming that all apples are indeed blue. For someone to come along and state that the apple is actually green will be rejected fully. The person who has been conditioned to eat and to know that apples are blue will go all out to prove the green apple wrong.  They will produce the blue apples, they will find other people who also have the same conditioning to back up their evidence that apples are blue. They will actively deny that apples can be anything other than blue. They are using their EXPERIENCE as evidence.   Now in this example take the blue apple as the only thing that can manifest in the space they reside. So in this example have the person living within a compound which only grows blue apples.  Everything within the compound itself backs up that blue apples are the only apples that exist.  Everyone born into said compound only ever has the experience of blue apples because that is all that the compound gives the experience of. It is all that grows there because it supports only the growth of blue apples.

It is this simple and this is why it is denied by the human logical mind. The old earth construct/matrix is DESIGNED to produce the human life experience that we have been subject to but it is just experience, it is not constant, it manifests in a variety of ways because it is not TRUTH, TRUTH JUST IS, the more manifestations and more variations the more fractured the dimensional space is.

Our Creator did not create something fractured, wider creation in TRUTH is whole, it is combined but we have lived a very fractured life experience, we separate and divide first and foremost, we are taught this from the moment we are born. We are taught that trees are separate from grass is separate from sky, we see in a polarized form. ALL JUST IS, there is no separation in TRUTH, the more we try to separate the more we will fracture and go against our creation purpose in TRUTH.

Wholeness is an experience beyond the rim of this dimensional space, it is just beyond the looking glass but we are so distracted by our own reflections that we do not step beyond them. Indeed we may become so fascinated by the differences in our reflection that we remain trying to alter them to fit that which we think will change the experience that we have. What we are not understanding is that by stepping beyond the looking glass makes everything irrelevant because in order to move beyond the looking glass we must simply step through it and allow the removing of all that is not TRUTH to complete. That which we are on the other side of the glass is TRUTH but so many are trapped within trying to be something they are not that this brings up too much fear to step through. There is nothing to solve within the old earth construct/matrix because it is broken by DESIGN, we are asked at this time to step off the broken glass and in doing so begin to heal in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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