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Settling into the new lane, admiring the scenery

So for many at this time the lane change is going at an increasingly rapid rate, the lane that we have been in for what seems like an aeon is now being replaced by a lane that ensures that we are protected and more importantly going in the direction of the dream that we were given prior to incarnation.

It is important to note that the movement into this lane is guided by the Archangelic realms and that when we are attempting to move over into said lane and there is anything that may interrupt this process we will be notified and then action taken to keep us safe and secure.

The outer waking reality then begins to shift and to change, we may now see different landscapes, we may feel that we are now in WIDE OPEN SPACES whereas before it may have felt a little claustrophobic, we are now moving out of the clogged traffic and into said wide open spaces, picking up speed as we go, this allow us to fully experience the human life experience, whereas before we may have felt that we were held back and moving at very very slow paces.

This is the movement from the VESICA PISCES part of the separation of worlds into the NEW WORLD and it will feel open and freeing. That which has sought to keep us anchored into trauma patterns, old behaviors and/or old routines will now begin to dissolve as our connection with and to the Archangelic realms now deepens and expands considerably.

For those who wish to validate and/or clarify the message that the Archangels are now conveying you may wish to order the Angel Message, simply contact me via stating ANGEL MESSAGE in your subject line. The energy exchange for this is $44 and will be invoiced separately.


Karen x

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