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Shifting GEARS in TRUTH

WE ARE asked to understand the shift in momentum and the shift in perception by surrendering to the higher frequency bandwidths. Attempting to struggle on, to push a way thru and generally trying to "force" no longer works. This type of response is a trauma response and is borne out of the lower frequency bandwidths where the "fear" generated would be used to supplement the matrix itself.

As we have now moved out of the frequency bandwidths that support the continued fuelling of said matrix we have to begin to understand Wider Creation in TRUTH, the expansion, the NATURAL expansion and flow that exits. WE ARE being birthed INTO this and it takes a bit of adjusting to the process because it is at odds of the way that we have been taught to both experience and navigate this dimensional space.

It is not something that everyone will do all at once, it is not something that all of humanity will ever do because one of the biggest illusions is that this is a "planet" that hosts "7 billion humans". The actual human beings are a lot less, whilst it may host human vehicles they do not equate to being "human" and this is the veil that is currently lifting. For those who are unable to accept this the coming few linear years will be challenging and WE ARE asked to let go, to let go of trying to persuade them what needs to be done, let go of trying to help them "see", simply let go.

For many at this time this separation is something that they continue to deny, TRUTH JUST IS and as we begin to move and to birth into the flow of Wider Creation in TRUTH it will become easier. LET GO and TRUST is the guidance for ALL at this time.

It is in the letting go that you will find your niche, it is in the letting go that you will reclaim your power, it is in the letting go that Creator's Grace will come elevate you. It will not happen when you are holding on to some sort of mass result, when you are holding on to what you have been taught to. LET GO and BREATHE for in the BREATH is LIFE and when it is TRUTH it is eternal.


Karen x

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