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Shifting lane in preparation for the TUNNEL in TRUTH

We are now being moved into position in ways that our human logical mind simply does not recognize. For many of you reading this blog the past 72 linear hours may have been a challenge to say the least. WE have always stated "YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE" and this is TRUTH. What happens when we stray too far from the path that we are required to walk in TRUTH? We are REDIRECTED to the CENTER of said path in order to keep us safe.

However the human logical mind believes it is the key keeper to this our human life experience. It is not, it is the jailor however we are heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to believe that our mind somehow is the way to freedom. As we have walked the path beneath our feet we will have been pulled by the deep emotions that have arisen within us. These emotions are not the way to reach anything, they are there in order to be released THRU our human physical form. So we become aware of them, we feel them (often deeply for the first time ever) and we then allow the process to unfold fully.

Human beings are highly skilled in persuading themselves that something is occurring that is other than it is. So many who have permitted the clearing and cleansing have made movements that are not TRUTH, however we are permitted these actions in order that we can UNDERSTAND both the movement and how it was so easy to fall to said movement. Without this understanding we would continually fall to the illusions of the Old Earth Matrix.

To give you a clear example let us use the MATRIX films and we see how often NEO had to enter the MATRIX and to work to UNDERSTAND it before he could then master it. He had countless experiences that allowed him to GAIN IN STRENGTH so that when the time came to do that which he was born to do he could do it and no longer be pulled by the illusions being presented to him.

The Old Earth Matrix likes to make us believe that somehow we are failing, it NEEDS the vast majority of humanity to turn on us and to have us ACCEPT THEIR VIEW that somehow we are at odds with humanity in general. At this present time there are probably more who have fallen to the illusion that is currently being presented than those who can see thru it fully. NUMBERS DO NOT MATTER, FREQUENCY DOES.

We are not here to convert 7 billion people to a thought pattern, we are here to walk beyond the confines of a thought pattern that has chained a race forever. We therefore often need repeated experiences of that which our human logical mind tells us is "not possible" to understand why the mind believes it so and why it IS possible when the thought and the frequency that it protected thru said thought pattern is removed.

We are being brought back to CENTER and we will be opposed when we approach the edges of the PATH THAT WE ARE ON. We must therefore remain in surrender and permit TRUTH to reveal to us that which we are holding on to that prevents us from ACCEPTING WHO WE ARE IN TRUTH.

We are being placed in the CENTER in order that we can move fully thru the next phase of this expansion which is thru a tunnel which is DARK AND SILENT. Without remaining safely in the middle of said PATH we would touch the edges of said tunnel and in doing so give away our presence. We require to exit the Old Earth Matrix thru this tunnel which is a protected space that is PATROLLED by the guardians of the Old Earth Matrix. SILENCE IS THE WEAPON OF TRUTH FOR TRUTH NEVER REQUIRES TO BE DEFENDED, IT STANDS.

At this time we are asked to surrender in order to reach the understanding that will now flood thru and around the 144,000 and in doing so WASH THEM CLEAN.



(c) Karen Doonan

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