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Side stepping the TRAP of speaking

WE ARE protected in our walk along the pathway out of the Old Earth Matrix, as we do the inner work and we release that which holds us to said Matrix we begin to make movement that is not permitted thru the attachment frequencies that humanity in general are connected to. This in human everyday language sees us walking, hidden in plain sight. The Old Earth Matrix is more than aware of us but cannot SEE US. Remember we live physically on a plane that requires visibility and physical sight.

One trick of the Old Earth Matrix is to find where we are thru those we are genetically connected to, that is our human physical family. Why does it do this? to protect itself, as many of you are now aware there is an ARMY of deep sleepers that appear to be human (but this is not always the case) and it is this ARMY of deep sleepers that the Old Earth Matrix uses to defend itself.

It can be very tempting indeed when faced with a super asleep human to try to wake them up, we can start to view them as human bombs, just as you would not prod a grenade we must be careful that we do not set off the human grenades. The fall out from setting one off is pretty intense. Once the Old Earth Matrix finds the connection that has set off the grenade it will go all out to attack and destroy. This at a human everyday level will see the asleep person go to town on the person trying to wake them up. Suddenly you may find yourself the victim of much ridicule, an assault on your person then follows, you are mad for listening to the all the "conspiracy", etc, etc, you will feel like you are buried beneath a tonne of backlash and you will be. That is what is being played out at this time.

WE ARE asked to walk silently, if you feel that you have to wake up everyone around you then please look within and find the holding frequency that is causing you to panic because someone you know is not listening to you. It is ALWAYS ABOUT YOU, never the other person. WE ARE held in spaces and in limitations due to that which is going on internally within us, the other person is the trigger if you will.

Many at this time are walking thru the minefield that is around us setting humans off right, left and center. It must be said that some are deliberately doing this, that is their mission, to cause as much chaos as possible to trigger those who are walking quietly into giving away their location. We must now trust that we are protected and stop working against ourselves, this is the very human part of our being working against our deepest heart space for humanity are conditioned to vie for attention.

View this akin to the toddler who has so much intense emotion running thru them that they are overwhelmed. What do they do, often go into meltdown, their behavior becomes a cry for help, which is what we are seeing within the general human population. They are looking for a vessel to accept their intense behavior and to make them empty once again. If you allow this then you will find yourself the dumping ground for those around you and you will be unable to move. It is non TRUTH to become a vessel for the emotions of those around you.

AT this time we are asked to go within and to work to dissolve the frequencies that seek to teach us that we are responsible for those around us. It is not possible to live as anyone else but yourself, the responsibility for our own human life experience rests with us, only we can breathe the air into our own lungs, only we can eat to fuel our own bodies. It is a very dense illusion out there that seeks to have us take responsibility for everyone else but it is simply NON TRUTH.



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