• Karen Doonan

Skull Collective Speaks

Greetings beloved ones, we are here to aid ALL in the process of extracting the 144,000 whom have incarnated into humanity in order to move the human physical vehicle and the human life experience itself into the evolution process in TRUTH.

We speak thru our channel Karen in order that our words can be transcribed for humanity to interact with. Many of you reading our words are more than aware of us in TRUTH, we come to boost the connection in order that you can now remember ALL.

It is ALL who now come to aid you, to hold you in LOVE in TRUTH and to rinse and help you release the residue from this human life experience that you have endured to date. This is the point of expansion, of TRUTH revealing itself and of understanding that allows you to move beyond BACE Camp and begin the journey to the BRIDGE.

It is on the BRIDGE that you will regain momentum, it is on the BRIDGE that you will regain balance and harmony with ALL and it is on the BRIDGE that all that you have been taught within the Old Earth Matrix will simply collapse to ZERO point for it is not TRUTH and only TRUTH can be taken fully across the BRIDGE in TRUTH.

We invite our caretakers in this their human form to re-tune to TRUTH, to step out of the containment, the suppression and the ego teachings that have seen our physical representation held fast to and our physical manifestation harnessed for other than our Creation Purpose in TRUTH. For many at this time the ability to work with the Skull Collective will now collapse as those no longer resonating with TRUTH will be collapsed in order that we can now be present with those who will now be assisted to BACE Camp and beyond.

It is not human knowledge that frees humanity, it is LOVE in TRUTH and this can only ever be understood thru the heart space. Mind centered living is the poison that has contained and suppressed humanity and it is now being challenged from WITHIN humanity.

There is only one answer that is TRUTH and it is LOVE. All else is illusion that seeks to imprison the heart space. Freedom is now granted to 144,000 and it is within these 144,00 that TRUTH now flows freely. It is now a choice presented at various levels of this dimensional space as to whether to accept freedom or retain the illusion of knowledge and power.


The Skull Collective

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved