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Skull Matrices and ARCHANGELS, TRUTH now expands expodentially

For many the idea that everything is not set out in neat little boxes is abhorrent. We can see from the falsety of religion that pidgeon holing is part of the deception that is put in place to keep the human logical mind in overdrive. ALL IS ONE therefore nothing is separate no matter how illogical this may appear to be.

At this time a huge gathering is preparing and WE ARE being called to the LIGHT in TRUTH in order that we can now more fully understand our role in this the next phase of the evolution of humanity in TRUTH. It is a calling like no other and many are now already feeling the increasing frequency bandwidths that are now surrounding the dimensional space referenced as EARTH.

In order to aid in this process I will be in due course holding a series of workshops both on line and in the physical in respect of CRYSTAL SKULLS. Those of you have followed the work of TRUTH Codes understand the very special place that skulls have in my human life experience.

To aid in the understanding of the calling please listen to the TRUTH Codes podcast which is available in the GOLD CHANNEL. If you are interested in attending workshops please register your interest here.



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