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Spinning versus walking

As we begin to harness the energies that are now available to us we must take time to anchor them and to INTEGRATE them. This is not the same as grounding which is not required at any level of our existence. Integrating the new energies is a process thru which we begin to allow the new frequencies to open door ways that previously have been closed because we have not resonated with the frequency required to open them.

This takes a bit of digesting as often our human eyes will simply try to tell us repeatedly that the outer waking reality APPEARS to be the same. It is within our deep heart space that we FEEL the shift and by allowing the integration of the energies we begin to experience life in new ways.

We must always remember that the spiral staircase to the higher level frequencies may appear to our human eyes as going around in circles but as it uses TRUTH and sacred geometry it is simply a new way of elevating that does not involve lifting one foot in front of the other, by moving up the spiral staircase of frequencies we are able to gain momentum that then ELEVATES us as we gain more and more momentum and then we begin to expand. This is a completely new way of working with frequency bandwidths which is why the Archangels hold us very delicately as we begin to work to elevate in this way.

The difference in this way of working is massive, we can gain so much understanding in a relatively short space of time and as we are no longer anchored into the timestreams we are able to move much more quickly and easily than we have before. Manifesting using these frequency bandwidths in this way becomes easier and faster and we gain momentum that IS MAINTAINED during this process.

WE ARE asked at this time to allow the process to begin by letting go of the need to move in straight defined lines. This way of working is becoming obsolete as we move in thru the frequency bandwidths and prevents us from achieving the acceleration and momentum that is required for us at this time. Letting go allows the Archangels to support us fully by giving us clear guidance on the movements to make at the start of this process.

This is a time of vast insight, of deep and expansive movement and of recharging in ways that we have simply been denied by the old earth matrix.



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