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Spiritual Warfare and Strength

WE ARE asked at this time to remember the power that we have in Christ, the blood of Christ and TRUTH itself. Many who started this walk have begun to feel weary and to tire, this is the point of course where the enemy attacks, the point of tiredness and it will attack thru the human logical mind, twisting the outer waking reality to give the false context required in order for the reality to appear other than it is in TRUTH.

At this time the MINORITY are seeking to have the majority believe that they control the outer waking reality and as this attack is coming from all sides many are falling to it. There is STRENGTH in LOVE in TRUTH and LOVE in TRUTH is not simply agreeing to everything that is placed in front of us. Christ is the SWORD that we use to cut thru the illusion that is being presented. To be IN Christ is to stand in TRUTH and walk forward.

At this time the war that has raged thru humanity forever is now being seen on the physical plane of existence. WE ARE asked at this time to go deep into the heart space and to reconnect, to build our strength and then STAND UP. WE ARE never alone and we often forget that we have tools at our fingertips.

Weariness is part of the walk and when we feel weary we must always go back into the deep heart space and reconnect to deepening levels. This refreshes us and allows us to understand an outer waking reality that is at times challenging to accept nevertheless remains in place. It is not thru our belief system that we destroy the enemy but thru our FAITH in CHRIST that we defeat the enemy. Belief has little to do with anything, darkness knows this. Fully surrendered in TRUTH we can walk where darkness tries to persuade us that we cannot.

At this time we must now increase our FAITH by reconnecting even more deeply within the deep heart space. Understanding that that which is being presented is out of context and as it is out of context it is highly manipulative. Fear has humanity bow to a lie, FAITH has humanity STAND UP in TRUTH.


Karen x

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