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Standing in the EYE of the STORM in TRUTH

We are now revealing TRUTH and in said revelation is a TRUTH that many will continue to deny. The core of humanity is now revealing itself and as it does so it will be CLEANSED and CLEARED but in said cleansing and clearing is the challenge to the 144.000 at this time. Do we stand in fear and work to protect those who cannot see the FEAR in TRUTH or do we stand still in TRUTH?

We cannot do both, as only one is TRUTH. WE are now witnessing that which the Old Earth Matrix has tried to hide thru the control systems put in place that present a very "rational and logical" exterior. As we are witnessing apply pressure to certain points within the human life experience and the PAIN, SUFFERING, SEPARATION and DIVISION rushes to the surface, akin to an open wound we are witnessing the raw state of humanity at this time.

Like any wound it has to be cleansed and cleared before any healing in TRUTH can take place, attempts at simply placing a band aid over the infected wound will result in huge opposition for that would only seek to have the infection move deeper into said wound.

Many at this time will continue to deny the wound exists, others will try to cauterize the wound giving very clear advice as to ignore the pain and "get on with it" but this is not TRUTH for "getting on with it" is how the wound became so deep and so infected in the first place.

We are not experiencing an "end of suffering" at this time, we are experiencing first hand the actual suffering that occurs within the dimensional space referenced as "earth". As with all healing the ACCEPTANCE of the need to heal, of the actual wound has to take place first and foremost, from this point the steps can be taken address this but much like an addiction (which the Old Earth Matrix creates the more we interact with it) the "addict" has to want to change. The addiction cycles of the Old Earth Matrix are now being revealed.

Humanity have been highly conditioned and controlled, take the addiction away from the them and they react like addicted people do. Most within humanity view drugs, alcohol and often sex as addictions but fail to see it is the EMOTIONAL ADDICTION that is now being revealed.

We are not here to remain within a construct that seeks to have us gratify our emotional needs whilst denying said needs, we are here to release ALL emotional debris that permits an addiction to occur.

At this time we are asked to permit the deep cleansing that is now underway fully within our deep heart space. Our addiction to the "self", the constant need for validation that we are "someone" when in TRUTH WE ARE.

For further support, guidance and information please visit the main TRUTH Codes website and for personal support and guidance please visit the main Releasing Eden website.

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(c) Karen Doonan

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