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WE ARE now in the period that seems to "hang", that bit between one "festive" ritual and another. Many feel the distress begin to build as they look back on a linear time frame and wonder what the next linear time frame holds. Unlike previous years this year will open a door that only those who are able to see it will walk thru.

This door opens to those who came from Wider Creation in TRUTH in order that they can re-join Wider Creation in TRUTH and step out of the time streams that the Old Earth Matrix is created from. This sees a frequency boost like no other but also sees them begin to understand why they have lived the time streams that they have.

Major insight is now reached thru a series of WORLD EVENTS that underline that which has been lived thru the time streams. It is non TRUTH to remain in the flow of time and space created by a matrix that is non TRUTH and which seeks only to harness the pain, separation and trauma that is enforced within this dimensional space.

For those who came from Wider Creation in TRUTH it is an ending to the parallel roadways where they have lived their lives ADJOINING those around them but never joining them. This will make more sense to them as the coming linear few days begin to unfold and the door is seen.

This door is patrolled by HEAVEN in TRUTH and so only TRUTH can enter the doorway. The door is hidden to humanity in general for they do not resonate to a high enough frequency to see it. They will simply re enter the LAST time stream to remain before the book of REVELATION is complete in the physical dimension in which humanity exist.

2022 is a time stream like no other. It is a time stream created specifically to align humanity with their own evolution thru the evolution of the human physical vessel into TRUTH. This again will make perfect sense to the 144,000 and the ten plus two who have worked to understand this anomaly. TIME is the concept that has humanity wrapped in mental chains. It does not exist out with this dimensional space and has to be let go of in order to reach beyond it.

WE ARE asked at this time to remain in the deep heart space and to listen to directions from said deep heart space. WE came here in order to move into full evolution of species. The parting of the time streams is akin to the parting of the waters for MOSES where Creator thru Christs peoples were given a way out of EGYPT.

As we stand upon the shore HEAVEN in TRUTH will open the door and WE ARE asked simply to WALK TOWARDS THE LIGHT in TRUTH.



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