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Standing on the Rock in TRUTH part 3

We are conditioned at every moment of every moment and within this conditioning is the reaping that Lucifer does in respect of the fear, separation and anguish of humanity. At this time within the human life experience we are being conditioned to step out of our humanity, attempting to maintain a neutrality that many can feel is uncomfortable but due to the intense fear of isolation that the conditioning presents within itself push to the side in order to remain within the general population acceptance.

It is this fear of being "different" and of isolation that drives the conditioning deeper and deeper.  Many people I have spoken to whilst agreeing that technology and the "world" is now getting out of control go on to state "well that's the way it is, what can we do about it, we just have to get on with it".  This statement is trotted out like a valid reason for simply sitting back and adapting to that which is being placed within humanity.

ALWAYS we have a choice, whether we can physically see that choice or not is irrelevant, all conditioning is put in place from the viewpoint that humanity will adapt and not reject it.  The system for want of a better word is not set up to be rejected.  Therefore by taking a stand and making a choice that is other than what is being presented we maintain our own humanity.  It is the assumption that we have no other choice that drives the conditioning further into humanity. We always have a choice and we always have a right to exercise that choice.Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV) For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end

It is not up to us to work out all our life details and stick rigidly to them, when we are within the Salvation in TRUTH process we are shown how to trust our Creator YHWY and to trust the process itself. It is human conditioning to want to know every minute detail before then taking action in order that the details spring to life. This is a very rigid, logic centered way of experiencing life and is not TRUTH. The older that we get the more rigid the details as the human logical mind exerts more and more control over the outer waking experience. In order to be in line with our Creator YHWY's Will we require to be fluid and fluidity is not supported by logic.

We need only take one step and our Creator YHWY takes a thousand towards us.  We need only have the first step illuminated and take said step then our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ leads us through the rest of the steps required but we have to be open to all that is unfolding and not remain tightly within the logical context that our human logical mind will attempt to place us within,

The fear response that is triggered by Lucifer is always tight control of the outer waking reality and yet this tight control is what keeps us bound to the outer waking reality. At this time we are asked to remain fully within our heart space which will involve standing on the Rock that Christ is in TRUTH and releasing the deep fear that arises within us and is supported by those who are also in the fear and separation that Lucifer's world manifests.  Allowing Christ to walk us fully beyond where we believe that we can walk and in doing so build our foundation of FAITH in TRUTH through our continual surrender to the Salvation in TRUTH process. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE. Kx

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