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Standing upright in the face of Death in TRUTH

For many within the old earth construct/matrix the outpouring of the anger of humanity is that which they seek to hide from.  Faced with anger many in human physical form will seek to take shelter as anger has been conditioned within humanity as something that has to be dealt with by dissolving it.  Many at this time are held in place thru the anger of those around them. When we sense hostility we are conditioned to walk around it or worse placate those who are showing anger.  Both ways of working with anger are not TRUTH because they embed a fear response within.

Fear is the primary weapon of Lucifer, where he can build a picture and present it as real he can manipulate and none more so than if he uses the foundation of said picture to be anger.  Many will run miles to escape anger, many will batten down the hatches as it were and many more will meet anger with similar anger.  Anger is the driving force of darkness because it has such a strong reaction from within humanity in general.

That which is hidden within an anger response is the fear that it masked. All who display anger do so as a defense mechanism against something they fear they cannot control. So we will find fear running in families that is dealt with thru displays of anger and said anger is then used as justification for certain behaviors and traits.  This does nothing to dissolve the actual root that said anger is protecting and which darkness uses to gain a foothold within the family structure itself.

All addiction, all mental health and all illness is rooted in anger, it may manifest in ways that hide said root but without the root in the anger there can be no manifestation at all. As addiction, mental health and illness are PRIMARY KEY INDUSTRIES built within humanity they are protected thru the anger and the fear that is generated by those within said industries.  Humanity itself will bow down to said industries because it feels justified but said justification keeps them within the structure itself. It is anger that kills not weapons, not people but the anger itself.  The method and weapon used is physical, war is generated thru anger, it is the anger that allows for the manipulation of those involved in said wars and allows them to justify their behavior.  That which hides the root of anger is the use of weapons and the logic and reasoning that is used to build the illusion presented.

At this time those within the expansion in TRUTH process are being moved thru residual family patterning in relation to anger in order to dissolve it.  Many are being presented with landscapes that feel very disturbing to walk thru and yet we are protected fully within our surrender IN Christ. We can feel the anger of those around us especially those closest to us but we must allow for Christ to reveal the bondage that has permitted the manipulation of the dynamics of the family thru the root of anger.

We are asked to faced the illusion and walk thru it, carefully guided by Christ and remaining in full surrender to Christ as we walk. It is only by being given physical experience of the illusion that we can understand how the illusion is built, how it is driven and how it is used against us.  This allows for full dissolving of all, any and every anger rooted bondage within us.

We are asked to remain in surrender and to avoid attempting to use behaviors we have LEARNED within our family structures to re hide said anger. Indeed we will be fully opposed by our Creator YHWY in any attempt at doing so, for beyond the illusion of anger is that which we have been prevented from understanding and Lucifer knows this. The storms that now begin to unfold are illusion, know this, understand this by standing tall within the storm and using surrender as the weapon of TRUTH. TRUTH STANDS where all else falls for TRUTH JUST IS AND WE ARE. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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