Starting our engines

For many at this time it is a time of vast transformation but only if we surrender to the process itself and refuse the temptation to hold on. Many within humanity will go into supreme denial, we will witness some almost insane behavior as those who are the most triggered by the current outer waking picture try to live within it. This coping mechanism is born out of the need to feel “in control and safe”. Both exist of course but not within the reference points that the Old Earth Matrix has given to the human logical mind.

The more in denial a person is the more they will shrink back into themselves, filtering out

everything that contradicts their INTERNAL BELIEF SYSTEM. This will see a separation like

no other within the outer waking population and may be highly triggering for the 144,000 as

they attempt to walk the line between what they UNDERSTAND and KNOW within their heart space and that which their human eyes and logical mind is trying to persuade them is


This divide was foreseen and foretold so we are of course forewarned. This is the separation

of the goats and sheep in a biblical sense. Both react in completely different ways and

human conditioning will see many try to adopt behaviors that simply do not work so we will

have this insanity that sees people hide behind deliberately woolly rules and attacking their

fellow human beings.

ORION knows this is happening and has put in place certain quarantine frequency

bandwidths that protect us at this time. This sees us OPPOSED when we attempt to alter our

frequency to match that of those who are using their human logical mind to navigate these

pictures at present. If you find that you are being opposed please go into the deep heart

space and ask to be shown the belief system that is attempting to hijack your peace and your tranquility. Both peace and tranquility at this time are the gifting from Wider Creation in

TRUTH in order that we can float part of the journey. When we are navigating oceans often

we forget that to rest and to conserve energy especially where we are going in the same

direction as the current is simply to lie back and float.

We are not asked to swim when the current is going in our direction for that is a waste of

energy, we can use said energy for an entirely new purpose and this is being revealed to us

at this time. For the 144,000 this is a time of deep dreaming, indeed the dream time may now be almost as real as the waking life experience we have during waking hours and we are

guided how to walk in these landscapes for we are gathering the fractures in order that we are now complete and whole.

There is as storm that is coming within humanity that cannot be seen and yet the 144,000 can

feel it begin to stir. First the birds will fall silent, then the clouds will begin to gather and the

sun begins to dim. As the storm now gathers in momentum we are safe and protected. WE

ARE asked at this time to remain deep within the heart space and to ignore the calls of the

Old Earth Matrix to look out the window or even to stand in the rain because this storm is a

hurricane. It is coming to clear the air, the oxygen will be richer, the colors more vibrant but

first we have to weather the storm.

ALL OUR PROVISIONS ARE INSIDE OF US. We have a fully stocked pantry, we have plenty

of clean fresh water and we are asked to rest as the storm passes overhead. It will howl and

it will growl but we are asked to ignore this and focus on the room that we are within. We do

not weather this storm alone, CHRIST is in the house with us and it is during the storm as it

howls that he speaks to us, he validates our path, he reveals TRUTH and he explains the

storm in detail.

To hear his words we may have to calm the panic that may arise within us as we hear the

crash of trees falling and the force of the wind that howls around our housing. BUT WE ARE


which is why it calls to us to go to it and step out of the sanctuary that we are now within.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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