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Stepping forward in TRUTH

We live in a construct that continually and consistently places before us various options that are other than they are in TRUTH.  We are blinded by our own emotional responses to the triggers because we are always looking for a logical and reasonable way to "solve" something that remains hidden to us.  For many at this time the end of a season is a terrifying place, it is terrifying because we have been conditioned to create a vision then step towards it. When we can physically see no "forward" we then attempt to solve it by "creating".  This is validated by the construct itself which is designed only to feed from the fears that we have held tightly on to.

It is important to note that these fears are hidden and are kept deep down at unconscious waking mind level, we learn to avoid the fears by taking actions that steer us away from the feelings that are triggered when the fear begins to arise within us. This creates a cycle of deep frustration and sees us walk in circles, albeit often these circles are so wide that we see only part of it so assume that it is a forward path and not actually just part of the larger circle that we navigate.

Our human logical mind is not our friend in this part of the awakening process for we are here to walk out of all, any and every circle that we exist within.  Past life experiences are further circles that create a chain over many dimensional timelines but as we see only a snippet of said circles they appear as various strands that are straight and run parallel.  Such is the depth of illusion that our human logical mind bows to.

The outer waking reality is now breaking down and dissolving, what lies behind it is that which we will never have experienced before and we will take a step back due to the paralyzing effect that fear generates deep within us. Our human logical mind will scream "stop" and replay various versions of what it believes will transpire should we step in that direction.

We have a choice at all moments but as these choices have remained hidden we have become entrenched in the narrow choices made at unconscious waking mind level. It is why it is relatively easy to set out on an "adventure" when we are younger in years only to reject and think through to extreme lengths often the "adventure" if we are older in years.  Our memory, our experiences are all referenced at unconsciously waking mind level and it is this that drives our thought patterns.

At this time we are being given opportunities to break the circles, to choose again and these choices will appear to make NO LOGICAL SENSE because they defy logic, TRUTH is not found in logic nor is it found in the opposite which is illogic, it lies between but as our human logical mind only works in polarity there is a huge gap between what is available and that which is actually seen.

Working from our heart space will see opportunities manifest and birth that could not be seen from the outset and we must begin to trust our heart space. When we UNDERSTAND and KNOW that a decision must be made we will be guided to take that one step. We do not require to solve the entire picture, we do not have to have all the answers, this is the trick of the mind and one that is deep and illusionary.  "What if?" is the question that is born from this and "what if?" will feed on itself if we allow it.

We can no longer remain still in fear, waiting for something to happen, we must now take that ONE STEP that triggers the breaking of all, any and every pattern we have ever walked within. This will see us move into new territory, new experiences and begin to understand the reason we walked in circles forever. TRUTH JUST IS and WE are in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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