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Stepping into TRUTH and expanding beyond the confinement

There are many within what is termed the new age movement that would state that they are knowledgeable with regards to Sacred Geometry and many have attempted to use said geometry in an attempt to somehow "get ahead" and somehow be at the forefront of a movement that is simply a manifestation of that which ALREADY EXISTS within the old earth matrices.

When we begin to move in ways that we have been forbidden (due to quarantine and skewed sacred rules that break wider creation in TRUTH) we begin to understand the confinement that said Sacred Geometry has instilled upon humanity.  ALL is frequency and it is frequency that determines movement. There are various levels of spiritual beings that have taken human physical form and are walking among humanity. Not all of them are here for the same reason, the same purpose nor even to aid in the expansion of humanity beyond the confinement that humanity have been subject to.

As we begin to walk out of said confinement and move beyond the boundaries that were put in place we will begin to understand the sacred coding that has been used against our human physical life experience.  We are not here to strengthen that which we already have nor to re-experience a "new" version of that which we have ever experienced, we are here to move into and become one with wider Creation in TRUTH.

As this dimensional space in which we are conditioned to accept and believe is solid begins to shift and to wobble and to dissolve then various Sacred Geometrical teachings will come to the fore. These will begin to BIND those who have attempted to work with them and hold them in situ. This happens not because they are not working with Sacred Geometry but because the use of said Sacred Geometry is an act of war upon wider Creation in TRUTH.  As it is seen as such ALL who practice and maintain it will be judged by wider Creation in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to remove that which has prevented us from fully aligning with wider Creation in TRUTH and in doing so hand back that which has worked in the old earth matrices but which CANNOT be taken into the expansion for it would cause various energetic problems that work against the human physical vehicle itself.

Many will go into straight out right denial of this TRUTH, many will go into rebellion and attempt to validate their use of Sacred Geometry once more and this is not permitted.  The rules and the "laws" of this dimensional space which is conditioned as "earth" ARE NOT THOSE OF WIDER CREATION IN TRUTH.  It is akin to attempting to speak english when the native language is chinese, it cannot be translated fully and it must be let go of in order that any movement can be reached.

Those who have kept humanity within the slavery that is now dissolving will be removed at a spiritual level from the positions that they have sought to TAKE at the expense of TRUTH and this will manifest in various physical ways. It is not TRUTH to assume that this will see X created or Y dissolved, TRUTH is far beyond the logical human mind as many are now about to experience in the outer waking reality.

Sacred Geometry is now taken from the hands of those who have used a knife as a weapon of destruction and is now revealed in TRUTH to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Those who continue to use spiritual tools against humanity must now answer to wider Creation in TRUTH and this will see a mass outpouring of that which is not TRUTH through various media as the darkest parts that were hidden are now revealed.

We are asked to see this as the healing and the wholeness that it is in TRUTH and not fall to the very logic and reasoning put forward by those who seek to remain hidden. There is no hiding from TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS and is a frequency that cannot be masked nor corrupted, IT JUST IS.

LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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