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Stepping off the battlefield in TRUTH

We are conditioned in this our human form to not only strive but to battle, this sits at a very deep sub conscious and unconscious waking level.  We may fully believe that we are surrendered to something but just somehow cannot stop attempting to alter our position ever so slightly. It is challenging to remain still and make no movement in order to allow that which we have battled with to reveal itself.  Within the full Surrender in TRUTH process we require to have our internal battles illuminated for how can we surrender to something we are blind to?

Always Lucifer will attempt to manipulate our movement off the battlefield and he will use any and all he can to do this.  We filter out that which is closest to us which is why the family arena is so difficult to navigate in TRUTH.  "Blood is thicker than water" is a phrase that is often stated and yet what does this mean in TRUTH? Does it mean that we simply allow those we are related to through blood ties to walk over us, to battle with us and we simply lie down and take it or worse react and go to war with them?

At this time of year the media places unattainable images of perfect families, with perfect children and relatives all having an amazing time. Why is it unattainable? Because none of us are perfect, we may jump through various hoops attempting to satisfy that which is demanded of us by our nearest and dearest but we are simply going around in circles, emotionally fracturing as we do this, trying to be everything to everyone helps no one.  And yet many will try over the coming 48 hours.  The intense pressure that this places on relationships will fracture and break many, we will wake up to the news with headlines that reflect that which actually happens at this time of year.

Arguments increase, alcohol and drug intake increases, death increases, domestic abuse increases and the root of all of them is the emotional debris that rises to the surface as we attempt to spend days or hours with those we are closely related to.  So intense is this pressure that many will simply attempt to zone out.

So how do we step off an invisible battlefield, put down invisible weapons and reach peace deep within our heart space?  It is not as the construct of religion would have us do, with the rote and ritual of singing and praising for that is only half the surrender. I am not for one moment saying we cannot go to church and sing and praise our heavenly Father but when this happens as part of a ritual that happens once a year its a bit like trying to holding a burning coal and pretending it is anything but hot.

We have to take action within the Salvation in TRUTH process and this action is personal and internal.  We require not only to allow the battlefield to be illuminated but to accept our own part in said battle.  When we go to war the casualties are not just those whom we are at war with, we become battle weary, we become hurt and fractured and it changes our perception of what our human life experience actually is.  We may be fine in certain scenarios but when the battle is triggered the blindfold comes down and we go into a survival mode that is almost automatic.

When the battlefield illuminates around us the first thing we must do is lay down our weapons, these are often guilt, rage and regret.  The hardest to put down is the weapon that we feel most justified in using.  We hand this over to Christ through prayer and then we release it all to him, letting go of all and any perceived outcomes.  Then our vision will start to clear, we will begin to reach understanding and we can then move from our position of war into peace.  Nothing is ever achieved in battle, the spiritual battle that rages manifests very solidly in the physical realm in which our human vehicle exist. In order to step off the battlefield we require to claim our Victory in Christ at a spiritual level.

As this shifts and is anchored then the outer waking reality around us will shift. People will naturally begin to alter their behavior and actions in relation to us and we to them.  We will find situations resolve themselves in ways we could not even have comprehended. Always claiming our Victory in Christ results in peace and harmony, always. If it does not then we have not fully surrendered.

It is easy to claim a spiritual battle but it is not required for the WAR IS ALREADY WON, why would we continue to fight battles when the war is over? Because humanity are blind to the battles that they are within and Lucifer reaps from the spiritual debris this accumulates.

Once off the battlefield Christ tends to our wounds and often these wounds will begin to heal and the pain begin.  We have become numb to our own wounding, when the pain begins it is a sign of healing not of further suffering and only remaining surrendered in Christ can this understanding be reached. Lucifer stands by tempting us to rejoin the battle by attempting to present it back to us. To tempt us back into the old behavior and we will find ourselves opposed by our Creator YHWY at every attempt to rejoin that which we have left.

At this time we are asked to remain vigilant, to remember that we cannot physically see the battles that the rest of humanity are engaged in, they are blind to them as we are. Once we illuminate our own battle, we let go, step off the battlefield and allow healing to begin .ONLY WHEN WE HAVE HEALED can we help those around us address their battles and we must accept that many will continue to deny any battle is taking place.

The road to peace is littered with the fallen, many do not want to stand up far less continue to travel on said road.  Christ walks with us, tending to us, encouraging us and healing us, all that is required of us is our full surrender and our placing one foot in front of the other. All else is distraction and illusion.

May the peace of Christ now light the path for humanity as the door to the new earth opens and those who can see the light now stand up.


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