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Stepping off the battlefield in TRUTH

For many within humanity the past decade or even longer has seen a scenario play out that many are now exhausted to remain within. The silent war on humanity has been played out THRU humanity.  Many have been able to see that which walks hidden to the naked human eyes and have attempted to win a war that has already been won.

This of course begs the question "if the war has been won why is it still being fought?". This question comes from a very logical and reasonable point of view, the human brain seeks to fit that which is unseen into logic and reason but that which is unseen does not bend to the unwritten "rules" of the physical realm itself. In the spiritual world there are no such rules, in the spiritual world for example there is no linear time, there is no dimensional construct that has to be walked thru, all is fluid unless of course it has been damned up and prevented from flow.

This idea that the war just needs to be won on a physical level is an idea that is maintained by lucifer himself. He gains each time that those that are within humanity seek to wage all out war on those around them. Indeed the very notion that a war is not raging angers many within humanity. What is the point of all this pain and trial if it is not to win a war?  Again a question that is almost irrelevant.  Lucifer is not at war with humanity, they are merely caught in the middle because they inhabit a dimensional plane thru which Lucifer can move.   Lucifer is at war with our Creator YHWY, humanity are his hostages and as such are in service to him until they are freed.

Freedom is only won thru our Victory IN Christ, it cannot be won by the human being themselves because they are wearing blind folds, we all are in this our human physical form. The physical plane is one huge illusion that can be made to resemble anything at all, it is viewed thru the lens of the human naked eyes which rely on the information to reach the brain but the information is FREQUENCY and can be manipulated fully.  It is the optical illusion that sees us make movement and act on emotion only to then later find out that what we assumed was way off the mark if indeed we ever find out. Many live their entire human life experience in said war zone and fall to the blind fold which is the human soul.  Lucifer created the human soul in order to keep humanity from reach our Creator YHWY.  He then set up a false construct that sought to present our Creator YHWY as some all mighty and fearful "father".

How many within humanity warm to a father figure who is all mighty and fearful?  not many because it triggers rebellion and it seeks to have the seeker either defend the mighty and fearful father figure or wage war on him.  Both are illusion and Lucifer has sought to trap humanity even further by butchering the Word of YHWY which now has so many different interpretations it is becoming ludicrous.

It is akin to finding a map and then re drawing the map to make it resemble where those who are holding the map BELIEVE that they are. But those re drawing the map are already lost, if not why have the map?   It serves no one to begin to redraw a map that was left to help because we do not agree with that which we see on said map.

At this time the blindfolds are now being removed and many are literally gasping at that which they are shown. We are not where we have been conditioned to believe that we are, the world does not work in the ways that we were conditioned to simply accept and work with.  The unpinning of the illusion will have a different effect on different groups of people due to the belief systems that have been put in place within humanity and which have been carefully cultivated. TRUTH does not require a belief system, indeed it sits well beyond any belief system but humanity are conditioned heavily to keep tight hold of the false map of belief.

In a world that is now coming to terms with the illusion there is now another call, that to surrender.  This makes no sense whatsoever to a race that have been conditioned to wage war with each other and internally within themselves. Why would a soldier ever give up his weapon?  He would give up his weapon if the weapon that he was using was being used to cut himself repeatedly. Just as he would give up his weapon if he understood that he was never a soldier and was never created to be one.   This will be denied by many who have not only accepted the conditioning to fight to survive but run after those who have already attempted to leave the battlefield persuading them just one more battle.

A bit like the knight in the Monty Python sketch who slowly loses his arms, then his legs but still wants to fight many are now screaming for more blood.

We are not asked to fight this war for any side, we are asked to surrender IN Christ and in doing so walk the path that is formed between the battle lines. This is the path that leads home in TRUTH, the path that those at either side of it will try to persuade us to step off because they do not see it. They cannot for the blood is running in their eyes and is blinding them. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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