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Stepping off the edge of the page...

In this our human life experience it can be very tempting to continue to stay on the same page. Human language is a key and it is often used to turn off the LIGHTS. We turn a new page when we let the new frequencies flow thru us, it closes chapters, turns pages and often it can close books and open new ones. We are all chapters in the BOOK OF LIFE but which book of LIFE? our life or the lives of the ones who came before us?

How do we know we are the end of a chapter and need to turn the page as opposed to coming to the End of the entire novel and closing a book? We could spend a long time trying to rationalize all of this which is why the Archangels will walk calmly over to us and take the book out of our hands. Often we will try to wrestle them for it believing that if we keep reading somehow it will change and get more exciting or something will happen we were not expecting. The mission of the Archangel involved is to have us LIVE and not be an observer.

How do we know when we are wrestling with an Archangel? we will feel like everything in the outer waking reality just stops. The stopping is not a slowing down of things, it is a freeze on everything around us and this happens when the Archangel stands its ground as we jump up and down and try to trick the Archangel into dropping the book or giving it back. We have to understand that we will not get the book back again because it is a DISTRACTION, it has nothing to do with us whatsoever, we have simply become fascinated by the distraction and in doing so have stepped off the path of LIFE EXPERIENCE that we are walking.

The outer waking reality is akin to a large library, choose your distraction, it will keep you entertained, often for years upon years but we are not here to be observers, we are here to LIVE a human life experience and can only do this from the FIRST PERSON, we cannot have a third person perspective. (in the example of knowing all about playing tennis or skiing, only the person picking up the tennis racket and hitting the ball or putting on the skis and skiing down a hill are actually having the experience).

Darkness wants humanity in their mind and will try all that it can to keep them there. Within the human mind are various illusions that are made physical thru the emotional charge that is run thru the illusions from those who are aligned with them. This gives the optical illusion of manifestation when in TRUTH it is the electrical (emotions are frequency which are voltage) charge that appears to make the illusion take life but needs a continual emotional charge to keep it running. Remove the emotional charge and the illusion dies. Therefore in order to keep an illusion active there has to be a continual emotional charge to keep it running, the mind will believe that which the heart KNOWS is non TRUTH which is why we must come from the deep heart space and not the logic and reason of the mind.

At this time the Archangels are confiscating the distractions, we are asked to submit willingly and allow the Archangel to explain to us in simple terms why the distraction is being removed. We can then begin to address that which the distraction hid from us fully.

AA Gabriel is working to re establish the communication that we have with SOURCE to deeper levels thru this process. We are asked to surrender and to understand that this works for us, for in the deeper communication is the understanding that we cannot reach any other way.



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