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Stepping off the train onto the platform in TRUTH

At any one moment within this our human life experience we may feel as if we are on a journey that has no option to be redirected. Events within the human life experience may feel almost like a whirlwind and the trigger for these events is always a deep emotional wound that is presented other than it is in TRUTH. This can see us make a series of decisions that are based on one base illusion and before we know it not only have we gotten on a train but we have gotten on a bullet train that is going in the opposite direction of where we believed it would take us.

For many within humanity there seems no way to slow the train down, all the passengers on said train simply keep swapping carriages and we may feel as if we are destined to remain on this never ending journey repeating the same situations over and over with different people. This is not TRUTH and as this way of experiencing the human life experience now is highlighted it can be dissolved fully.

In order to stop the train and alight we must simply pull the chord. The "chord" of course being the frequency that fuels said bullet train. The emergency stop of course is one that is adhered to by the train driver who will ignore all other attempts at alighting the train because the job of the train driver is to keep the training running NOT to allow passengers to alight.

At this time we are being shown very clearly the "chord" that is at our fingertips and we are now given full support in the pulling of the "chord" to allow us to alight a journey that has seen us visit trauma, pain, suffering, division and separation. Always with a ring side seat to said scenery.

It is to be noted that the train driver will continue to drive the train, that our alighting at the station that we pull the "chord" is a hidden action that is fully supported by ALL within Wider Creation in TRUTH. It sees us arrive at BACE Camp and the angelic support that awaits us on the platform is there to make sure that we remain hidden until we enter BACE Camp.

For the majority of humanity the train even slowing down is a concept that is completely alien to them, not only have they made themselves at home on the train they take pictures and pour over the scenery each and every time the train comes round to said scenery. For them the journey is their entire reason for being in human form, many have gone to great lengths to remain seated at the windows, always looking out to highlight the scenery for those around them. Many do not even see a train on a journey, they see only the scenery.

At this time those who have chosen (prior to incarnation into human physical form) to alight the train will do so. This is a movement that remains undetected to those who guard the train because it is done within a protected multi, inter dimensional space that is protected by ALL.

We are asked to simply step on to the platform knowing that we were never to continue the journey by train, that our next phase is on foot and to completely different scenery. As we watch the train gather speed and we are left on the platform we are asked to simply keep an open heart and have compassion for the journey men who seek only to view and never to alight.



(c) Karen Doonan

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