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Stepping on solid ground in the SWAMP in TRUTH

As we move thru the expansion in TRUTH process we are asked to release that which has kept us in situ.  Often we will find huge release and feel said release as we go thru our surrender IN Christ and we will find that we can once more breathe.  That which confuses our human logical mind is the question that never requires to be answered but which the human logical mind is conditioned to ask repeatedly.  WHO AM I?

Letting go is but one part of the process. View yourself as a t shirt that is sitting under a huge pile of other clothing, after a while the t shirt becomes buried under the other labels.  The expansion in TRUTH process dissolves the other clothing, this clothing has often been placed upon us by others who prefer we wear said label and we adjust and adopt said labels. All of this is done at an unconscious waking mind level.  The weight that we feel upon ourselves often is the weight of these extra labels.

As we are guided thru the process we are shown thru physical everyday human life experience that these extra labels are not required and they do not even fit us anymore. So we reach a point in the process when we reach the original t shirt. But even this t shirt is not us, it is the label that was placed upon us when we were born.  That of daughter or son and this is the hardest of all labels to SEE in TRUTH.  We tend to view ourselves thru the lens of our parents and in doing so skew the entire picture.

We are not who are parents perceive that we are for they also view themselves thru their own parents and this is replicated throughout the entire generations of our family.  This is the anchor to the old earth construct/matrix that ties us to generational patterning and will involve us surrendering IN Christ in order to release deep seated and long held generational curses, bondage and strongholds.

We cannot see for we are within and this blinds us. Attempting to view the patterns of those around us is negated by the bondage, curses and strongholds.  We may see the repeating of family history as some sort of karma or even warmly embracing it, falling to the false teachings that somehow we are "our fathers son", or our "mothers daughter" and using this as a foundation.   This may be a widely adopted way of coping within the conditioning but it does not make it TRUTH, TRUTH JUST IS and stands firmly.

It is at these levels of clearing that those around us will begin to swarm, in an attempt to protect the hive and human family generations can be equated to beehives. There will be a queen, a relative who the entire family revolves around and everything will be done to keep said relative in the middle and safe.  The worker bees are on the edges but then unlike bees they will begin to move up in rank.  The honeycomb is the individual honey that we bring to the family unit itself and is used to store and to replicate the cells of the patterning of the entire hive.

All is hidden to the human eyes and the human logical mind because we take on tunnel vision, humans were altered to become highly adaptable. Put a human being within a scenario and they will begin to adapt, this survival mode is deliberate and is triggered thru the DNA/RNA levels of the human physical vehicle itself.  We will begin to live within the confines of our environment and darkness knows this, it has used this to prevent human evolution forever and this is what is addressed at this level of the clearing process within the expansion in TRUTH process.

Human evolution is not taking place outside and being placed upon humanity, this it the logical picture presented by darkness and which seeks to explain the already in place manipulation of human behavior. Evolution is not about adapting to our environment, it is about moving past the boundaries that have been placed inside of us. We can only do this if we are actually aware of said boundaries to begin with otherwise we are open to manipulation thru the adaptation process that darkness infused into the human vehicle itself.

It is a wonky mirror and one that is used to fool humanity over and over again. TRUE evolution begins at cellular level, it begins thru our surrender IN Christ who is the only human physical being to have gone into death and gone beyond it.  The fantasy stories woven around Him are deliberate, attempts to make Him into some sort of Martyr and "perfect" being are used to attempt to prevent us even attempting to surrender IN Him.  Surrendering TO Him does nothing other than have Him as an idol which we are warned against because idols do not live and breathe, they stand mute and as pillars to block our path and darkness knows this.

Christ is to be surrendered IN for He is a frequency and when this is permitted to move thru us, within us it changes everything. For that which was once stuck and solid becomes move-able and permeable. The water of LIFE is a living breathing frequency and it will begin to dissolve all that has solidified.  We are not here to repeat patterns over and over despite the heavy conditioning to accept this illusion LIFE in TRUTH is fluid and this fluidity must be embraced :

And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

Revelation 21:6 (KJV)

At this time we are asked to be supple and to allow that which has become heavy like stone to be dissolved and in being dissolved to be washed clean in order that the obstacles in our path simply disappear because the frequency of TRUTH is the strongest frequency that exists, it is that which wider Creation in TRUTH is built from.

The man who makes his castle on sand will find it shifts, the man who stands on the ROCK will find his foundation is firm no matter whether he is near water, or earth, it matters not because in TRUTH the foundation is the ROCK ITSELF. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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