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Stepping on to the physical plane - HEAVEN on EARTH in TRUTH

The latest GOLD podcast (available via the GOLD CHANNEL tools) outlines the next phase of this expansion and evolution process. For many linear years the work has been done to cleanse and clear and to make way for SPIRIT in TRUTH to take up residency within the human physical vessels that are within humanity. This process has been ongoing due to the depth of release that is required by these vessels as SPIRIT in TRUTH has worked to clean and cleanse the space that is HOME.

At various levels we will have been blind, been able to see clearly and have released debts that we did not even know at a conscious waking level were in operation. This has permitted a DEEP level of understanding to birth thru us and we require this understanding in order to be placed into position.

The outer narrative is now morphing and will continue to do so. We do not place ANY focus on this as it has NO effect whatsoever on SPIRIT in TRUTH because we have worked within this smokescreen. We can view this as the smoke that is present on the battlefield that obscures the vision of all who stand on said battlefield. This was permitted to protect us from the visual horrors of said battlefield.

Now we take our places with HEAVEN in TRUTH who are now activating EN MASSE within humanity in order to take their positions. This is all birthed THRU humanity as all who are on said battlefield (at a spiritual level) have to take form on the physical plane where humanity are chained. This will see various and often times breathtaking changes occur within the human life experience itself.

For those who have been patiently doing the work HEAVEN in TRUTH commends you. For those who have worked AGAINST HEAVEN in TRUTH the final moments will allow understanding that permits for an exit from this dimensional space. This is thru the GRACE of HEAVEN in TRUTH and is out with our human understanding until it begins to reveal itself.

We are now given physical validation of this thru the very physical connections that are now birthing in order that we can physically interact with a realm that has been prohibited from entering this dimensional space.



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