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Stepping out of Rebellion in TRUTH

It is extremely challenging to walk through the outer waking reality that we call the human life experience due to the flux that is now unfolding.  This flux is the completion of prophesy but many have been blinded by the very human interpretations of that which prophesy states.   We cannot rely solely on human interpretation, to walk in the new and to dissolve the old we have to allow the clearing internally to be done by Christ, Himself. Many within humanity have an issue with this because Christ cannot be physically seen however He can be felt,  changes and shifts can and will be validated but the human logical mind demands certain reference points that are not TRUTH. Just because something appears to be something does not make it TRUTH.

Lucifer is very very adept at providing something that sounds and looks true but relies on the picture being completed by humanity.  So we can run with something, fully believing that we are seeing the full picture whilst being completely blind to that which is ACTUALLY playing out.

It is for this reason that we have to be in complete surrender to the process of Salvation in TRUTH, that we surrender when we feel we should be making decisions, movement and altering when that which is being presented is something that we do not require to make said decisions, movement nor alteration to.   Its much like standing trying to cross a busy street, imagine we are standing on the sidewalk but part of our view is obscured by a tree or a road sign.  We may have crossed this street thousands of times and we are fairly confident that the way is clear. That which we cannot see is the speeding vehicle that is heading towards us, we cannot hear it, we cannot physically see it but it is travelling so fast that should we step off the sidewalk and venture into the street we will be hit and injured.  In this example our very human reaction may be " well I am a grown adult and I know how to cross a road, I am not stupid".  Whilst it sounds reasonable, its not about being held in check because we are not competent, we are held in check to keep us SAFE.

Psalm 46:10 (KJV)

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

In this our human form we are not good at remaining still, humanity have been heavily conditioned to "do".  The manifestation of this frustration is played out daily, from people not being able to cope with standing a few minutes in line, to having to pay "contact-less" because it saves a few seconds from typing in a pin number.  All is DESIGNED to keep us on the move because as we move we filter out that which is hidden in plain view.  It is the dash into the street that causes an accident, it is the sudden movement that takes us not only off the path but plunges us down an embankment.  In short humanity are running like hamsters on a wheel, going nowhere fast, but the outer waking reality reflection is that there is movement.  Movement is that which is internal and changes and shifts permanently the human life experience from the frustration, separation, loneliness and constant trying to survive to  serenity, peace, hope, unity and expansion.

There are no shortcuts to achieving this, it is a process and in the process is a deep learning experience which reveals the outer waking reality in TRUTH. At this time more and more within humanity are struggling and I don't mean just at a financial level, we have more suicides, more mental health issues and more loneliness that at any other time in human history, it is the manifestation of the separation that we have been told does not exist.

At this time we are asked to remain still on the Rock that is Christ, knowing that we will make movement, we will walk across that street but we will walk when it is SAFE to do so, we will be guided by and in Christ and our arrival where we are placed will unfold in the will of our Creator YHWY.  All else at this time is illusion and this will be both revealed and validated by our Creator YHWY who always through His Grace allows us to reach understanding at a human every day waking level. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST Kx

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