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Stepping out of the dark and into the Light of TRUTH

As the energies continue to build in the outer waking reality in respect of confusion, chaos and general unrest we have a choice as to whether to remain hidden in the shadow of this or to take a step into the sunlight.  For many the idea of stepping in to the sunlight is one that fills them with dread, surely being hidden is safer? after all are we not here in this human life experience in order to find our "place" then remain within it?  It may appear to be the logical reason for being born but it is not TRUTH.

What is not seen by those who are trying to remain out of the sunlight is that the sunlight is INCREASING.  For millennia the dark shadow over humanity has remained, it has remained because it was not yet time for it to be removed. Then the awakening process began and slowly but surely there was a chink of light that appeared once more. This chink of light is increasing and as it increases we have to adjust our eyes to that which is revealed by the LIGHT of TRUTH.   That which is scurrying to hide will find it harder and harder to hide because there is less and less shadows in which to hide.

This is being presented as other than it is in TRUTH to the waking world.  The influx and increase it appears of reports of barbaric and inhumane atrocities seem to be on the increase, the reflection of humanity seems to be blacker than ever before but this is only due to the increased sunlight.  When we have left anything in the dark it allows it to grow mold, to decay and to be covered in dust. It is only in bringing in the sunlight that we can dust something down, repair it or indeed bring it into the light in order to see that it is not something that can be repaired or even kept.

We spend a long time clearing and cleaning at a physical level, we spring clean our homes, we take stock of that which is needed by our human physical vehicle to keep it running and yet we hardly ever take spiritual stock and it is in the spiritual spring cleaning that miracles begin to unfold. At this time there is a spiritual cleansing that is occurring no matter if we at this physical human everyday level are aware of it.  We do not have to be aware of it for it to impact on this our human life experience and this TRUTH is denied by many who are attempting to remain in the shadows. Indeed many will go out of their way to side step this part of the process because of the fear that is instilled within humanity deliberately in respect of dark spaces.

It is only when we put the light on in the dark space that we discover that there is nothing there to be afraid of, until that point our human logical mind will conjure up all sorts of scenarios that will never actually happen because the seeds of fear are always planted first and foremost in the human logical mind. Human consciousness is the gateway for darkness because it is seeded with that which then grows in the darkness.

We are asked at this time to cleanse and clear the human logical mind itself. To destroy the seeds before they germinate and before they can take hold and our human logical mind begins to manipulate us into taking action that is not TRUTH.

Most of the outpouring of human despair can be traced back to the human logical mind. We each have a different experience of this dimensional space and that which our human logical mind demands we accept is not TRUTH.  Therefore we cannot take shelter in our human logical mind. To open our heart space is to open the door and allow LIGHT to step inside of us. It will find its way to the very edges of our insides and as it illuminates it does so in order that we can begin this spring clean spiritually. We lose nothing from this process but we can gain everything and more.

It is in our best interests at this time to remain still and to reject the human logical mind and its need for instant action.  Standing still allows the LIGHT of TRUTH to take hold and when we find where we are standing then we can see where we REQUIRE to be standing, it then becomes very obvious that which requires to be done. Prior to this we are literally running in circles, moving from fear and in doing so experiencing fear, the roundabout of fear is not TRUTH and yet many are parked there at this time not knowing where to move to next.  SHINE LIGHT and then the road reveals itself, it is obvious and cannot be misinterpreted for TRUTH JUST IS. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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