• Karen Doonan

Stepping out of the Old Earth Matrix constructs in TRUTH

At this time many of you are now collapsing the Old Earth Matrix constructs, this will manifest in your outer waking life experience as a change to routine, to ritual and to that which is assumed is a structure of the human life experience. It may be disconcerting to be faced with these changes with the flurry of activity that is happening in the Old Earth Matrix itself but it is divine timing in respect of the expansion that your SPIRIT in TRUTH requires to be made at this time.

The BRIDGE podcasts can be accessed via both sites, both this TRUTH Codes site and the main Releasing Eden website. Please go easy on yourself at this time, the demands of the human population are so intense because they are in so much pain. It is OUR CHOICE whether to jump back into the swimming pool or to stand at the side. If we choose to jump back in then we will find ourselves opposed and the struggle gets more intense. A drowning man cannot help another drowning man. We use this analogy deliberately.

We are not asked to switch off either, we are asked to radiate the LIGHT in TRUTH that we are. As we do this we will begin to reverse and dissolve that which has sought to keep us in place and to prevent our expansion. As the High Council reminds us daily "YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE". You cannot be anything other than LIGHT and it the choice of each individual incarnated into this dimensional space as to whether to turn to the LIGHT or choose to look away. We are the LIGHT that shines full stop. Everything else out with ourselves is that which is now required to be addressed and this is done thru the HEART SPACE in TRUTH, not the human logical mind.

Further information, support and guidance is uploaded regularly across both websites but for the moment focus will be upon the TRUTH Codes updates and the podcasts to help guide at this time as it is a pivotal point in our movement and BACE Camp is our direction in TRUTH.

Everything that we require will be shown to us and it is our choice whether to believe our human logical mind and the false reference points or to challenge and move beyond them. Remember WE ARE WHO WE ARE, we are not those around us and only YOU personally are having the life experience that you are, no one else.

It is a time of vast revelation and vast release. WE ARE PROTECTED in this journey and WE ARE SUPPORTED FULLY BY ALL.