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Stepping out of the rain and seeing the rainbow in TRUTH

For many within humanity at this time the emotional downpour is never ending and this is a deliberate downpour.  The old earth construct/matrix is designed to produce the downpours in order that the harvest can grow and expand and said harvest is very close to being reaped.  It is deliberate and controlled and as we move further into the expansion process that sees us dissolve all that keeps us locked tightly to said old earth matrix/construct we will be able to take shelter from the emotional downpour and then we are able to view the rainbow that appears as we reach the understanding required in order to dissolve the weather pattern that brings said downpour.

The downpours do not affect all of humanity at once, they are staggered and there are large intervals where it may appear that there is only a light shower, this prompts humanity to take off the layers that protect the fragile emotional landscape, basically it sees them lower their guard as it were and then the downpour begins. Sometimes there is also thunder and lightening as the storm takes hold and the emotional landscape begins to give the impression that we will drown within it.

The conditioning that we are subject to repeatedly within the old earth construct/matrix sees us attempt to use the outer waking reality to find shelter within. Whether this be through actively distracting ourselves through the various social media platforms (which are also used to harvest) or through attempting various negative coping strategies that seek to push the emotional debris further into the hidden depths of our human physical vehicle.

It is only unaddressed emotional debris that can cause the emotional downpours and thunder and lightening, this is why the old earth construct/matrix has such deep conditioning in relation to the emotional landscape itself. The more emotional debris that we keep tight hold of the more intense the downpours become and the more the harvest is flooded with all that it requires in which to grow and expand.

All of this happens internally albeit it is triggered by the outer waking reality.  The key to understanding and addressing the downpours lies deep within our human physical vehicle and is found within our heart space but we are conditioned heavily to seek for solutions within our human logical mind. This allows for a build up of emotional debris and a hiding that begins within the human logical mind through the use of denial.  Levels of denial within humanity are at their highest ever and the continued use of denial as a tool to address emotional distress will cease to continue to work as the downpours now become torrential rain and the flood is but a heart beat away.

Our human physical vehicle was not designed to hold the vast amounts of emotional debris that are being held on to and are being denied and as such as we move through the expansion process we will begin to dissolve all that has had us blocked, all that has tied us in knots and all that has sought to keep us from living within our heart space.

At this time we are removing the blocks to the living in the heart through the clearing of emotional debris.  It is often just as we think that we can endure no more clearing that the rainbow appears and the flood waters retreat.  We are fully protected through this process at all moments through our surrender to Christ and to the process itself.

For further information and support in the expansion process along with self help tools and support please visit the main Releasing Eden website. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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