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Stepping out the Wilderness in TRUTH

One of the greatest illusions is that of "never ending", the Old Earth Matrix likes to present a picture that many then buy into by holding on to and trying to live within. At this time within humanity many are attempting to slot themselves into an outer waking reality that is simply blasphemous. A race that has been designed to be warm, loving and caring is being pushed into a picture that seeks to prevent the NATURAL response from surfacing, forcing fear into the heart and preventing the NATURAL defense mechanisms of the human physical vehicle to do their work.

To hug someone is to heal them, to love someone is to heal them, to converse and show warmth heals them. It is HUMAN TOUCH that is being attacked and this is manifesting a battlefield that many simply do not see because they are falling to the picture presented that somehow being human is not permitted. We can be only human because that is the form that we have taken, it is human to care, it is human to love, it is human to sit with a dying loved one to help comfort them, it is human to wrap your arms around someone when words are not there. ALL of this is under attack deliberately.

WE can no longer fear our own human physical vehicle, the human physical vehicle is DESIGNED to self heal thru the NATURAL flow of frequency, it is when this is denied, when it is re routed that problems begin to occur. The incidence of mental health issues will continue to rise within humanity as they try to fit in to a picture that they were never created to interact with. So what can we do that permits us to move back into the NATURAL flow of frequency and rise above the false picture that is being presented.

Knowing that our vulnerability is our strength, to continue to give love and support to those around us. To continue to step fully into our heart space and allow LOVE in TRUTH to flow thru us. To place focus on the HUMAN ASPECT of the human life experience and to stop giving in to a picture that seeks to tell us how to live. WE are designed to show love and we are designed to care, to touch, to hug and to comfort. This is being denied BECAUSE it is powerful, it is denied because in order to control a population the Old Earth Matrix has to divide and conquer and to present a death sentence other than it is in TRUTH.

A human being who is devoid and starved of LOVE in TRUTH will start to crumble, they will start to shut down and this then spreads thru their entire human life experience. The human logical mind will take them hostage and they will begin to fear their own shadow. The human mind then becomes like a vampire and begins to feed upon the fears that are created within the mind. It is vital that we understand that LOVE in TRUTH can only be reached thru our deep heart space.

The battlefield is littered with those who tried to use only their human logical mind to somehow "fight" back, this does not work. The most powerful frequency in the universe is LOVE in TRUTH and when it is permitted to do its work it clears a straight path, it removes all the obstacles that the human logical mind likes to litter our path with. It requires to be accessed thru the deep heart space, for many at this time the sword needs to be permitted to do its work. That of opening the heart space initially by penetrating the heart and allowing the debris to flow out, then as LOVE in TRUTH flows into the human heart space the wound that the human heart has become will begin to heal. This begins internally.

We came here to reveal TRUTH to humanity thru our human physical form, we cannot remain separate from it hoping that somehow they will see TRUTH if we do not.



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