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Stepping thru the looking glass in TRUTH

For many of us the last few linear years have been intruiging, many of you will have wondered what on earth is happening as a world that appeared to be solid suddenly shuddered and that which is the stuff of movies began to take hold.

Always we knew that that the enemy would move first, so we were moved into various time streams to dissolve the dissonance that had permitted that which is against Creation in TRUTH to exist. As we moved and dissolved the dissonance then our outer waking life experience shifted and changed in response.

The work of TRUTH Codes has been one of a light house, as we all departed into the various time streams to do the work the light house remained as a beacon to ALL in order that they avoided the rocks, that the fleet remained whole as it sailed the emotional planes both inter and intra dimensionally.

This work now comes to a point of transition as many of you are now BACK from the time streams that you went into. Another level of awakening has taken hold as you remember where we all began, you may begin to think back to the start of your awakening journey and wonder why, it is simply to remind you that you are not alone, you are never alone and now we begin to merge, this time it will be in the ONE timestream, that which is TRUTH.

For those who woke up very recently (within the last 5 - 10yrs) it may seem like a surge of energy is now expanding, these are your brothers and sisters returning from the time streams in order to validate the journey that you are on. Not all are here for the exact same purpose, yet WE ARE ONE in TRUTH. An ocean that merely incarnated into various human physical vehicles as is demanded by this dimensional space.

Our work now continues and expands, it will begin to address various issues that those who have returned from the various time streams may find begin to unfold. One to one sessions are available for rebalance, for retuning and grounding. Messages from Wider Creation in TRUTH are available from the various star systems and Archangelic levels of Creation that require to help you adjust and to rebalance.

It has been the blink of an eye in TRUTH and yet many of you may feel very jaded and exhausted as you have cleared, jumped, moved and expanded. It is now time to center, to rebalance and adjust.

Welcome home


Karen x

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