• Karen Doonan

Stripping of "identity" in TRUTH

We are about to enter the phase that will strip us of all FALSE IDENTITY and we must simply surrender to that which unfolds. It is a challenge on many levels not least on the human logical mind level due to the depth of conditioning that the human physical vehicle undergoes within the dimensional space referenced as "earth". We are literally plugged into an "identity" the moment we are conceived and then pushed thru it as we enter and then grow within the Old Earth Matrix.

As this would work against our Creation purpose in TRUTH we enter a phase where the foundation teachings/conditioning is stripped back. This sees us enter a phase which is akin to walking into a WHITE ROOM, a room that in its very essence is everything and nothing. How we react when we first enter this room is an indication of that which remains as emotional residue within us. It is our SPIRIT in TRUTH that then goes to work removing the specks of dust that remain in order that the housing that we are in TRUTH to our SPIRIT in TRUTH is immaculate.

It is best to take our human logical mind out of this phase and this is done thru the human condition of sleeping. We may find ourselves very physically tired and drained and seek to ease this thru sleeping. However entering the dream state may be a challenge to many who try to dream and not release. There is a huge frequency difference between the two and we are now given the experience of release in order that we can understand it on the levels that our human logical mind will entertain it, that is look at it and then absorb it. If we did this whilst in our fully conscious state the mind would simply filter instantly. So many will find themselves in that half awake/half asleep realm where much will move and shift.

This is a necessary part of the next phase of this our Creation purpose in TRUTH and one that with our full surrender is a stepping stone. If we do not permit this then we will be heavily opposed for TRUTH JUST IS.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved